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Radio Show: How Your Intestinal Health Helps You Burn Fat

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Host and Guest Speaker: Host and Guest Speaker: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo interviews Mike Mutzel, MSc     In this show you’ll learn: More about the gut and its metabolic properties How dieting can actually lead to increased weight gain Natural ways to increase gut hormones Listen to the replay: Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog […]

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Making Friends with Your Hormones (Banishing Belly Fat, Brain Fog, and Burnout)

When I say hormone balance, you, like most people , probably start thinking about  menopause, PMS, loss of libido  and other female issues.  Yet there is so much more, and often these “female” hormone imbalances are caused by imbalances in what I call the “survival hormones”. I never really thought of myself as a hormone […]

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5 Cutting Edge Strategies to Balance Your Blood Sugar So You Can Melt Your Midline, Sharpen Your Focus, and Recharge Your Energy!

Do you find yourself wishing you could hit the snooze button instead of jumping out of bed feeling refreshed each morning? Do you crave sugar, caffeine, or a NAP around 3 – 4 pm? Have you been carrying around excess fat around your middle that won’t budge in spite of starving yourself and slaving away […]

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