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Radio Show: The Importance of Drinking Clean Water

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Host and Guest Speaker Host: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo In this show you’ll learn: The importance of hydration How to take in the proper quantity of water How the quality of water is as important as the quantity Listen to the replay: New Health Podcasts with Dr Ritamarie on BlogTalkRadio Background: Dehydration can manifest in a […]

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Chia Crisps: Raw Food Snacks

A fantastic raw food snack to replace your cooked food crackers!

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Now you can learn to make Gluten free raw foods crispy treats without leaving home

I know how tempting it is to eat crackers and muffins, pizza and breads.   Everyone else is doing it, and you feel just a bit deprived.  Or you feel completely deprived.  You know these foods are not having positive effects on your health, but you cave and say something like , “Well, just this […]

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