Month: November 2008

Healthy Thanksgiving and Holiday Recipes

I made a new smoothie today, in honor of Thanksgiving.  It's called Cranberry Goodness and here is the recipe:Cranberry Goodness2 cups grapes1 1/2 cups cranberriesseveral handfuls baby spinach1 handful dandelion greenssliver of ginger (more to taste)1 teaspoon...

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Empowering Health: A look at What’s Really Important

As you know if you've been receiving my news for a while, this was a year of change for me, both personally and professionally. When someone you love gets sick and dies, it puts life into perspective.  I watched my sister get sick and die of cancer and my heart went...

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The Truth About Sugar: It’s Not as Sweet as You Think

If you’ve read my articles before, you know that I’m not a fan of sugar. I’ve talked at length about it’s role in cancer, heart disease, infectious illness, diabetes and many other serious illnesses. While I’m appalled at how much sugar is in the foods that line the...

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Thanksgiving Recipes To Be Grateful For

I've been having so much fun working on my holiday book collection. Those who know me well know that my 3 favorite things to do related to my work are researching, writing and connecting. By connecting I mean sharing my skills and knowledge with others in a way that's...

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Happy Halloween Night

The night is drawing to a close. The trick or treaters are at home, getting ready to settle down to sleep. Kevin, my 10 year old son, went trick or treating and came home with a big pillow case filled with candy. We went through it all, and threw all of it into the...

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