Month: May 2010

Choosing to Enjoy Life Cancer Free

[email protected] Tell a friend! Forward this email to a friend! Not subscribed yet? Don’t miss an issue! Personal Note from Dr. Ritamarie Teleclasses and Events Feature Article: 39 Quick and Easy Ways to Keep Cancer Away Success Story: Ruth Heidrich’s Amazing Recovery from Cancer Featured Food: Broccoli Sprouts Recipes: Immune Enhancing Cole Slaw About Dr. Ritamarie Energy Enhancing Resources Dr. Ritamarie Recommends May 31, 2010   Wow, %$firstname$%!  What a month it’s been.  I’ve been planning new events, analyzing lots of lab work, preparing for the end of the school year and writing.  I’m working on a new book that’s like nothing else on the market.  Goal to completion is early July!  I’ve also been waiting patiently for the videographer, graphics designer and my co-author to finish up their parts on a brand new, long overdue book and home study course on using your food dehydrator to make mouth watering comfort foods.  It’s a phenomenal product and should be completed soon. The theme of this issue of “Creating Vibrant Health” is Cancer – diet and lifestyle approaches to taming this dreaded disease.  According to World Helath Organization , “Prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of […]

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Healing Cancer with Diet, Determination and Exercise

In 1982, at the age of 47, Ruth Heidrich got the shock of her life.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer.  At the time, she considered herself healthy and fit.  After all, she ran marathons and ate what was considered a healthy diet.   After a modified radical...

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Managing Cancer with Food

Cancer! The Dreaded "C" Word. * You likely know someone who has cancer and maybe even know one or more persons who've died of it. * Maybe you've even had or have cancer yourself. * The American Cancer Society is pounding the pavement for donations. * New drugs are...

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