Year: 2011

Busting the myth of small, frequent meals

[email protected] Tell a friend! Forward this e-mail to a friend! Not subscribed yet? Don’t miss an issue! Personal Note from Dr. Ritamarie Feature Article: Why Eating Frequent, Small Meals May be Damaging to Your Health Events Radio Appearances About Dr. Ritamarie Energy Recharge Resources Dr. Ritamarie Recommends Recipes and Recharge Goodies November 30th, 2011 Volume 1, Issue 19   Lighting Up and Lightening Up for the Holidays Excitement is in the air here as we put up Christmas lights and begin preparing our home for the holidays. We celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah to honor the upbringings of both my husband and I. It’s great for the kids as it often results in many days of celebration! In fact, another winter holiday we’ve come to celebrate in recent years is the winter solstice, which signifies moving from the dark into the light. We burn candles and reflect on the habits and attitudes we’re ready to let go of and those we welcome in. Often we have a party and invite friends. It’s quite the festivity lighting the Christmas tree, Hannukah candles, AND the solstice candles. The time will fly by and soon we’ll be moving into a brand new […]

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Ho Ho Hold the Sweatpants! Healthy Holiday Nibbles

  It’s that time of year again. Holiday parties abound and along with it come the growing waistline. This year don’t trade your skinny jeans for sweatpants. Events with friends and family should be all about feeling good, not guilty! You can enjoy feeling...

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