30 Day Fun and Sleep Challenge: Recommitting to Health Goals

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I  am making good progress towards establishing my healthy sleep pattern.

It's always amazing to me how much power there is in creating a goal and committing to it.

Earlier this year, I created a product with Jane Hardin, who' you'll get to officially meet before too long.  She's a registered dietitian who has completed training in Living Foods Nutrition and has  a lot of experience working with terminally ill patients in a counseling capacity.  We created a program called Creating the Vibrant Helath Mindset because we both have seen the  mindset in making long lasting changes in your habits.  This is the first of many projects we'll be doing together.

This week, I've reconnected to the value of continuing to revisit my goals and make commitments based on these.

I'm pleased to report greater success on my sleep goal for yesterday!  Yeah!

So here's my report card for yesterday:

  1. 64 ounces smoothie/green soup – DONE
  2. Off computer by 11PM – Surpassed. I was off by 10:06PM!
  3. Sauna 30 minutes – missed this because I went to bed early!
  4. Bed by 11:30 – Surpassed in Bed by 10:15 – My 11 year old son, Kevin, has recently been worried about the toxic smells at school.  They watched a video about the dangers of marker inhalation, and talked about a 13 year old who died as a result of marker inhalation as a way to get high.  Kevin accidentally got a big wiff of a marker at school the other day and got dizzy and light headed.  Since then he has been reacting to smells, like air fresheners, wipes and cleaning supplies used at school.  He is scared of dying from breathing them.  He asked if he could sleep with me last night so he could feel safe.  So he and I went to bed at 10:15.
  5. Fun reading for 15 minutes – missed this because my Kevin slept with me.  Fun was talking to him and cuddling instead.
  6. Lights out between 11:45 and 12. Surpassed Lights out by 10:15

My commitments for today:

  1. Exercise 30 minutes
  2. Fun: Quality time with my husband – a date for dinner at Beets Cafe!
  3. water – 8 cups
  4. Get myself signed up to take the Vibrant Health Mindset Course and recommit to my own goals.
  5. Bed by midnight

How did you do yesterday? What are your commitments for today?  Comment below.


Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

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  1. mary

    Well I haven’t been doing so great with my commitments. I think I may be making too many commitments. I think I am going to start with just one and really try to just do that. So I am commiting to chewing my food. That’s it for now.


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