4 Treatments Your Doctors May Not Know About

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Julia Schopick believes there are 4 treatments that doctors really should prescribe routinely for life-threatening conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy and liver disease. Yet, because of concerns that have nothing to do with patient care—namely financial concerns—these treatments are all but ignored by most conventional doctors.

YET, hundreds of thousands of patients have found these treatments through their own research, and—because of these treatments—are thriving today.

Their stories are riveting:

  • How a mother’s struggle to find treatment for her son’s epilepsy finally led her to success with a time-tested, non-toxic diet; she started an organization to educate other parents about it.
  • How a woman with liver disease was told she had only a few months to live, but after receiving an innovative treatment from a doctor featured Julia’s book she is alive and well eight years later.
  • How multiple sclerosis patients dramatically improved after using an inexpensive, off-label drug that was approved at higher doses years earlier. Yet, their doctors questioned the success they achieved even after they saw the amazing results.

Is our healthcare system so out of touch with true medical practices that doctors turn their heads to alternative medicine even when they’ve seen the results with their own eyes?

Guest Julia Shopick thinks so.

In this show learn:

What the four treatments are.

How you can talk to your doctors about these treatments

How the patient advocates in Julia’s book are now helping others to obtain these medical treatments

Additional Resources:

Get Julia’s book, Honest Medicine: www.honestmedicine.com

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