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A woman sitting on a yoga mat, focusing on her thyroid and functional health.

Balanced calm is as simple as breathing – alternate nostril breathing, that is.  This specific pranayama (a yogic breathing technique called Nadi Sodhana) is a simple way to ease agitation and balance your thinking.  It is also a restful tip for insomniacs!

There are several steps to Nadi Sodhana but don’t worry – they are easy and become automatic very quickly:

1 – Place right thumb and ring finger at nose, as if to pinch it

2 – With right thumb, close off right nostril

3 – Inhale slowly through left nostril; pause to hold your breath momentarily

4 – Release right nostril, while closing left nostril with your right ring finger

5 – Exhale through your right nostril

6 – Inhale through right nostril; pause to hold breath momentarily

7 – With right thumb, close off right nostril

8 – Exhale completely through left nostril to complete one set

9 — Continue with the alternate breathing for 10 sets.

Take your time; breathe slowly from the belly.  Alternate nostril breathing is a great stress reducer so relax into the exercise.  Invite serenity.

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