Giving Meaning to Halloween: Beyond Candy

I'm finishing up my book about Healthful Halloween rituals and treats and it will be available in a day or so…just in time for Halloween. How did we end up associating Halloween with gorging ourselves with candy and other goodies?  Do you know the background of...Read More

This Week’s Events with Dr. Ritamarie

I am excited about the upcoming week. Just like last week, multiple inspiring and motivating events are planned. In addition to the living health events, I am scheduled to do a free Healthy Eating talk at Live Oak Universalist Unitarian Church in Cedar Park on Tuesday...Read More
Green Breakfast Idea!

Green Breakfast Idea!

Lots of people ask me what they should eat for breakfast. Seems like all their favorite foods have fallen out of favor as healthy choices – bacon and eggs, toast, sugary dried cereals, even granola, due to its high sugar and fat content. So what's left? For the...Read More