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Creating a sacred space with a candle and rocks on a wooden table.

Wednesday’s post was about how a physical home environment impacts well-being. After taking actions suggested there to boost your sense of sanctuary, you can now take it a step further by creating a little spot to make your own. This then becomes your private sacred space – a place to center and renew on a regular basis.

Begin with a small space — one that is all yours exclusively, if possible. When I was a young, single mom with three little girls, the only truly private space I could find in our rather small townhouse was the stairwell. By painting it and adding a shelf and a meditation chair, it became my haven. I still relax into a full-body smile just thinking about it…

Build a positive energy zone in and around your space; fill it with your best, most peaceful characteristics by radiating your most glorious self throughout it! This is easy enough to do – when feeling most connected with yourself, just take a few minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply and then let that sensation flow all around you. Doing so is similar to using a personal trademark perfume – traces of you remain so that when you return you slip sweetly into your own true essence.

Keep TV, computers and other distractions out of this space if possible. You are creating an outer expression for the dearest part of yourself – a safe place to think, write, read, meditate, pray… We don’t want to rid ourselves of all modern electronic devices but this is the place to temporarily escape from them.

Safeguard this personal area with a vengeance! Others may see (and even use) the space, but it is yours on a deep spiritual level, thereby deserving a certain amount of respect. Keep it clean and unfettered, free of emotional drama, and it will be an invaluable source of nurturance.

Whether your haven is a small screened off area in your bedroom, or a comfy back porch, or an entire room of your own, relish your creation and grow happily therein!

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