Cross-Contamination and Your Gluten Allergy

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Having a gluten allergy/sensitivity should not be a sentence for never eating out again.

But eating in a restaurant has its risks. Cross-contamination happens. For those with a mild sensitivity this may not be an issue. For those of you with strong gluten allergies, this can mean days of being ill.

Carbo G can help. Joining Dr. Ritamarie is Dawn Aubrey. Dawn holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Certification as a Nutritional Consultant, and did post graduate work in clinical nutrition.  She is Board Certified as a Clinical Nutritionist by the IAACN.

In this show learn:

1. More about Carbo G and Probiotic 42.5 and how they made huge difference in Dawn's life

2. How cross-contamination happens in restaurants.

3. Other Food molecules that are shaped similarly to gluten, and why Carbo G is still important even if you think you are 100% gluten-free.

4. What your doctor may not know about going gluten-free

Additional Resources:

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  1. Sixta Opalka

    i have gluten allergy and it is not a good idea to have it. i cant even eat some of my favorite pastries because of gluten allergy. ;’,.”

    Till next time


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