Daily Gratitude as a Means to Boundless Energy and Vibrant Health: Share and Shine!

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daily gratitude

Doing a 30 day gratitude journal was such a rewarding experience for all who participated!

In case you missed why we started on Day 1, here's a recap of the benefits of making daily gratitude a habit:

  • According to researchers at the Institute of Heart Math, published in a paper called “The Appreciative Heart: The Psychophysiology of Positive Emotions and Optimal Functioning” by Rollin McCraty and Doc Childre, “Positive emotions have been demonstrated to improve health and increase longevity, increase cognitive flexibility and creativity, facilitate “broad-minded coping” and innovative problem solving, and promote helpfulness, generosity, and effective cooperation.”
  • Positive emotions, especially appreciation, trigger health enhancing changes in your body involving your hormones, enzymes, digestion, detoxification pathways, immune system and cardiovascular system.
  • The good news is that you can invest just a minute a day to your “appreciation practice” and still reap the rewards.

Let this post serve as a place for you to come whenever you choose to express your own appreciations on a regular basis.    And remember to play the gratitude game.  Every time you experience a change of scenery, find 2-3 things to appreciate.  It might be the color of the walls, a painting or other piece of art, the smile of someone in the room.

Big or small, we benefit from them all.

SO go ahead.  Look around right now and find 2-3 things you feel grateful for and get that glowing feeling by posting them below.

Begin the Gratitude Comment Collection!

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1 Comment

  1. Beatriz

    Today I appreciate:

    1.- My scale, because it helps me see that what I am doing to release the pounds is working.

    2.- I love staying in bed a few minutes longer on a chilly morning. Pure delight!

    3.- I appreciate my grandson’s dog, Honey, she is so patient and loving with him, it is a delight to see them together.


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