Detoxification, Raw Foods, Leaky Gut and the 6 Week Detox Program Progress

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(Written Sunday January 17 at 11PM)

I'm leading a 6 week detox program and I am super excited about how it's unfolding. (NO, its not drug or alcohol rehab!)

There's a group of over 100 of us healing leaky gut, getting candida and parasites under control, and enhancing our liver detoxification pathways so we can eliminate the 1000's of toxins that we're exposed to or producing each day.

Most disease and dysfunction stems from toxins that overwhelm your body's ability to eliminate them. This creates challenges to your immune system, hormones, digestion, heart, skin…you get the idea. It effects just about EVERYTHING!

There are lots of detox supplements lining the health food store shelves. That's not what this is all about either. Yeah, we use some special nutrients, herbs and whole food concentrates to support the detoxification process, but this is a whole lot more. We also focus on creating an emotional detox and creating healthy habits that last a lifetime.

We encourage the use of lots of greens…juices, smoothies, powders, salads and soups. And its so interactive…people get to check in at the end of each week and let us know how its going and we help to personalize the program. So it's nit just a boxed detox…its all about creating a personalized detox experience and new habits.

I'll be blogging about it as we go through it, as I am participating fully in the process.

Off to get my detox sweating in – hot tub and sauna. More tomorrow.

Love, Health and happy detox,

Dr. Ritamarie

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  1. laura

    I am enrolled in the upcoming 4 week Gut in Gear course and would like the upgrade, but am having trouble finding the link you provided in Wed.’s webcast. Can you help me out? My order id number is 166804159

  2. Mark Stien

    Main part of human body is composed of water. Therefore it is important to preserve the stability of h2o within the body. The fundamental concept behind detoxification utilizing liquid diet is the usage of lot of liquids. Usage of liquids retains the body nicely hydrated and ensures that all of the bodily capabilities are becoming carried out properly.

  3. raw detox program

    This diet approach is usually an excellent sort of cleansing for those who will not might like to do something revolutionary. Many one particular ought to do can be eliminate just about all dog solutions by his or her diet regime for a certain period of time. The diet program centers upon new create, whole grains, plant seeds, crazy, and also dried beans.

  4. MauLana

    You’re comparing eaitng raw vegitables and fruits to processed meats like hotdogs and hamburgers, fast food, cookies and ice cream. What happened to eaitng normal healthy balanced foods for a healthy diet? By consuming so much fruit consistantly? you put yourself in risk of diabetes. I know this from personal experience. You present many nice and tasty meals, but there is no need to limit yourself that much. You can eat balanced and do proper exercise, you will feel like you own the world!


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