Digestion and Diabetes: The Overlooked Critical Relationship That Can Damage…or Heal

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Your inner miracle workerHave you ever wondered what really happens inside your body after you eat?

It's a complicated process that involves muscles, organs, hormones, enzymes, acids and a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

I am really glad that my conscious mind doesn't need to get involved to make it happen… it just happens.

Imagine if half way through digesting my food I got distracted by a phone call? The food would likely just sit there until my next meal as I'd be apt to forget I was digesting and move on to other more exciting tasks.

There's an Inner Healer Inside You

Your body is a miracle, and it handles all those things behind the scenes so you don't have to be involved on a conscious level. It's like having the world's best personal assistant doing everything you need before you even know you need it.

It all runs smoothly and like clockwork… if you take care of yourself.

When you feed yourself the right fuel, move, sail through the day with joy and ease, and sleep well at night your “personal assistant” inside keeps things running well, so you feel energetic, clear, focused and full of life.

Ideas pop up and you're able to run with them and create the life of your dreams. You look great. Your tummy is flat, your muscles are toned and strong, and YOU are unstoppable. You are unlimited.

But What If Your Inner Healer is Overwhelmed?

If what I just described is not your life, then listen up.

It's not your fault.
It's not that you're lazy or unmotivated.

It's because you learned habits early on that caused you to make choices that basically poison your “feel good” mechanisms.

You were fed processed foods from early in childhood, even just out of the womb in some cases. The processed foods cannot come close to providing the nutrition offered by their fresh counterparts. “Made by nature” is always better than “made by machine”.

The processed foods early on interfered with your body's ability to choose the foods that nourish your cells rather than excite your taste buds and drain your energy.

diabetes, children, and processed foodBy the time you were six, chances are good that you had been on multiple courses of antibiotics and maybe had even begun to put on some excess weight. Like me, you were most likely addicted to foods like M&Ms, Cheetos, cookies, and soft drinks.

If so, you no longer were accessing the inner wisdom that guides you to eat, drink, and move in ways that bring balance.

Fast forward to today.

Perhaps the extra weight is your biggest concern. Maybe it's your fear of life altering illnesses like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. Or it might be your lack of energy and your inability to really enjoy things the way you used to.

Whatever it is you are striving for in your life, without your health the path will be obscure.

Are You Eating Yourself Sick?

So getting back to digestion...

When you're out of balance, missing key nutrients, have eaten foods or engaged in activities that disrupt normal intestinal and hormone function, it's as if you're in charge and get distracted by a phone call.

Digestive enzymes become deficient or ineffective, your gut lining gets damaged and can no longer absorb all the nutrients in your food. Worse, it also allows foreign proteins to penetrate the disrupted intestinal membrane.

diabetes chart: type 1 and type 2 diabetesAnd you start to feel unwell.
Your energy drops.
Your mind gets foggy.

All the sugar and processed starch causes a spike in insulin. Over time, your cells become resistant to the insulin, and almost all the food you eat gets stored as fat.

The high sugar levels make your blood cells more sticky. The high insulin levels thicken the walls of your blood vessel and make them stiffer.

You are now a prime candidate for a heart attack or stroke.

You are on your way towards diabetes.

You May Not Know If You Have Diabetes Until There's Already Damage

Diabetes is on the rise and prediabetes is almost an epidemic. Normal blood sugar balance is one of the prime casualties of an out of balance lifestyle.

The sad part is, you won't be warned by your medical doctor until much of the damage has been done.

The reason?

The methods used to assess blood sugar imbalances, prediabetes (often called “insulin resistance“), and diabetes are based on standards that are too lenient.

There's an ideal range for your blood sugar and the conventional standards give too much leeway.

The Myths That Keep You From Feeling Miraculous

Conventional medicine teaches that as long as the blood sugar of a diabetic patient is at 140 or below two hours after a meal, their blood sugar is well controlled.

However, study after study confirms that whenever blood sugar goes above 120, damage is done to peripheral nerves, leading to the common diabetic complication of diabetic neuropathy.  And even worse, when your blood sugar rises above 140, damage is done to the retina of the eyes, leading eventually to the common diabetic complication of loss of vision.

I'm passionate about sharing this information because so many of my own family members have suffered and even died because they were afraid to go against the status quo and make the diet and lifestyle corrections I share  with my clients.

In my B4 Be Gone Program, I unveil many more of the myths and surprising misconceptions around the metabolic and blood sugar issues that have people confused and chronically ill.

An Easy Step To Help Your Amazing Inner Healer Digest

One of my blood sugar balancing strategies related to digestion is called  “Timing is Everything”.

This may sound sound really simple, and you may have heard it many times before, but it bears repeating.  It's a critical piece in getting the hormones involved in blood sugar balanced and harmonious.

Stop eating at least 3 hours before you go to bed.

There should be 12 hours between dinner/supper and breakfast.

Go ahead and try it.

Start slowly if this is hard. Increase the time between dinner and bed time by 15 minutes each day until you've reached your goal.


Here's Some Recipes That Will Bring Your Inner Healer Back to Life (Free Gift)

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Enjoy the recipe sampler as my gift to you, to show you just how easy and delicious it can be to incorporate blood sugar balance into your life, in harmony with your digestion, and bring you vibrant energy to live life the way it was meant…to the fullest!

With love and appreciation,


 P.S. Please feel free to use the social media icons to share this important article with your friends and loved ones, so they can implement the “timing is everything” tip, and get the free blood sugar balancing recipe sampler collection. The more people who become aware, the more healing can happen from this worldwide epidemic that is totally preventable.


Comment Below: What are your burning questions about the close relationship between digestion and blood sugar imbalance?

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  1. Andy

    Hi Matt,This is what you’d expect from soneome who is in energy deficit. When you’re hungry, food reward/palatability goes up. The responder group probably would have seen the same response if they had followed them long enough to lose significant weight. This happens because the homeostatic system is connected to, and influences, the reward system such that it motivates you to obtain and consume food (particularly energy dense food) when energy stores are low.



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