Does beating yourself up burn calories? Hardly!

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Have you ever made it a point to listen – truly listen – to the internal chatter going on in your head?  If so, you may have identified your own tireless Self-Critic.  This voice is ever at the ready to put us down, and too often we are willing to let it have its way with us, leaving us demoralized, cowered, and absolutely powerless to live our most scrumptious life.   Of course, we would never allow a person to be so verbally insulting to another, but this just in our head, right?!

Even more ironic – no one ever reached an ideal weight by listening to that horrible nagging.   No matter how often we tell ourselves we are fat, lazy slobs, this language does NOT empower us to reach and maintain our ideal weight.  Some people, on the other hand, experience an amazing self-propulsion towards their goals by finally, heartily, shutting down the Self-Critic.

Rather than helping us with positive change, the Self-Critic causes stress.  And stress causes an increase in the release of cortisol.  And cortisol encourages fat storage, particularly around the tummy region.  OOPS!  Negative self talk ALSO leads to despondency, frustration and depression – precursors to emotional eating.  Nothing good comes of this self-abuse, especially not a healthy, optimal weight.

Be kind in the way you think and talk to yourself.  Doing so may help you overcome the biggest obstacles between you and your health goals!

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