Dr. Ritamarie’s Gratitude Journal Day 15

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I've started an Appreciation Journal, and I plan to continue to share my appreciations every day for 30 days.

If you're looking to experience more energy, health and joy, join me on this appreciation journey and watch magical things unfold.

Comment below with 3 things you appreciate today.

Dr. Ritamarie's Appreciations for Today – Day 15

  1. I appreciate more rain on the way.  As much as I prefer sunshine, we are so in need of water here in Texas that the rain is welcome.
  2. I appreciate the strength and stamina of my 17-year old, Eric.  Fueled on pure plant power since birth, he's powerful.  Yesterday, he got up at 5 a.m. to be at the pool and swim 100 rounds of 100 yards.  That's 10 000 yards – 5.68 miles!  Wow Eric.  I am so proud.  All at the crack of dawn when the temps were in the high 30's.
  3. I appreciate my warm blankets when the temperatures at night get cold.

I do so love to read all your appreciations, so keep them coming.

With Great Love and Appreciation,

Dr. Ritamarie

Go ahead, give yourself an energy boost. Comment below about what you appreciate today.

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  1. Denise Norber

    1. I appreciate the closeness of my sisters.
    2. I appreciate having my mother around to love.
    3. I appreciate my supportive family!

    Isn’t life wonderful!


  2. Leila

    Day 15, Nov. 18th

    1.I appreciate my husband’s excitement over baking bread. He’s having so much fun.
    2.I appreciate having enough food – never having to worry about being hungry.
    3.I am grateful for friends like Laura and Jo to hash health questions over with, gaining a fresh perspective.

  3. Laura

    I appreciate that I was able to visit with Jeff and Jes during their short visit.

    I appreciate friends who check out menus, before deciding where to eat, to see if there is any “Laura” food.

    I appreciate having good clean water to drink everyday.

  4. Beatriz

    1.- I really, really appreciate the cortisone that I had to take for almost 3 years. It saved my life.

    2.- But I appreciate so much more the fact that I do not have to take cortisone anymore.

    3.- Now I appreciate that I have the opportunity to get to know and heal this body. Fantastic health is now a given!

  5. Joy

    1. I appreciate being “fearfully and wonderfully made” … and having the desire to respect this amazing creation called my body.

    2. I appreciate my family, loved ones and, yes! … even my ridiculously and delightfully insane teenage kitties!

    3. I appreciate this website! Rare is it when I find a like-minded soul who shares the same enthusiasm I do about so very many health issues! … and please forgive me for adding …

    4. I appreciate meeting Dr. Ritamarie last night at my very first meet-up! She was such an inspiration! And 30-40 other kindred spirits – all in varying degrees of this quest for good vibrant health! I never tire of being reminded that life is, indeed, “very good” – as was the Original Intent.

  6. Ken B.

    1. I am deeply grateful for my own health and energy;
    2. I am so happy and grateful to be off for the week to get caught up with school stuff 🙂

    3. I am grateful that my wife and I have met Dr. Ritamarie and have been graced with her smile, vitality, and wisdom;

    4, I am so happy and grateful to be sitting here thinking about what I am so happy and grateful for …

  7. Ken Breslow

    1. I am so happy and grateful to have my daughter from out of town celebrate Thanksgiving with us … It’s wonderful to have the family together.

    2. I’m so happy and grateful for being able to smell the sweet and savory aromas emanating from the various Thanksgiving foods we are beginning to prepare.

    3. I am so thankful for the grandkids and the fun we experience together at home and in the park.



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