Dr. Ritamarie’s Impressions of The Great Health Debate

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The Great Health Debate

Kevin Gianni of Renegade Health just hosted an 8 day event during which he interviewed a variety of health experts. He paired up experts who were polarized on a particular topic, ie to meat or not to meat, probiotics vs anti-probiotics, cooked food vs raw food, and low carb vs high carb. I’ll share my opinion!  There was more common ground than you think!

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  1. Patricia Larsen

    Thank you, this made a lot of sense. I think I understand now why some of the beneficial foods don’t work for me. I will try some of the things you suggested.

  2. Tamara

    Thank you, Ritamarie; you have provided a concise, insightful and comprehensive review of the Great Health Debate. Your observations were well-defined and organized, due to terrific note-taking as well as your well-grounded understanding of nutrition which you brought to the table.

  3. Shelley

    Thanks Ritamarie for summarising where the experts agreed and disagreed from the Great Health Debate.The fact we are all different really explains a lot. No wonder nobody has come up with the perfect diet and exercise regimen to suit everyone. Ultimately we all need to work it out for ourselves by trial and error. It is scary though when some experts’ views are diametrically opposed. Salt springs to mind – which you explained.

  4. Basil

    I go back to me. Forget about everyone else. Why am I doing what I do? What’s the big viiosn. How can I do it a little step at a time. This can look like laying in bed and crying, eating good food, writing more, and talking with a best friend. And then reminding myself that I am loved no matter what.


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