Eating Frequent, Small Meals May be Damaging to Your Health

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A common recommendation for people suffering with blood sugar imbalances and attempting to reduce weight is to eat frequent, small meals throughout the day.

The idea is that eating every couple of hours keeps your blood sugar levels steady without the dips (and severe hunger that accompanies those dips). In theory, you’ll eat less if you never let yourself get hungry enough to overeat.

Recent hormone research tells us that this is actually the worst way to eat for blood sugar balance and weight loss and can actually be damaging to your health.

Join Dr. Ritamarie and find out how small meals could actually be causing insulin resistance…and leading to belly fat.

Dr. Ritamarie will share even more life altering strategies for overcoming belly fat, brain fog, burnoout and blood sugar imbalances on her soon to be released new video series and temeseminar,

“Five Cutting Edge Strategies to Balance Your Blood Sugar so you can  Melt Your Midline, Sharpen Your Focus, and Recharge your Energy.”

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  1. Silvana

    Thanks a lot for the record, but it is very difficult to listen to it.. Very bad quality. Could you write down the 5 things we have to know please.. It is impossible to follow from the recording.


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