Eating on the Run: Gluten Free, Dairy Free Healthy Fast Food

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A woman achieving optimal health by practicing a handstand on a grassy field while following a vegan lifestyle.

You can indeed eat healthy foods on the run.  In our class Healthy Fast Foods, we demonstrate how to make quick and easy meals using 100% fresh whole, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free  whole fresh foods.   That’s for when you’re in a hurry and at home.

Sometimes you’re on the road and you just don’t have the tools or foods to whip up a quick meal.  That’s when having handy- dandy convenience packages of super foods comes in handy.  On today’s video you’ll see a show and tell form my trip to the health food store in search of high nutrient density fast food.

Take a peek:

Question for YOU! What are your favorite on the run healthy fast foods?

Comment Below.

Love, Health and Joy To You,

Dr. Ritamarie


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