Emotional Eating is Self-Sabotage

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This article on Emotional Eating is printed with permission form Dr. Linda Berry Dr. Linda is a long time friend and colleague.  I work with so many people whose health is compromised as a result of emotional eating.  Dr. Linda shares her strategies.


Speaking from experience, emotional eating is self-sabotage. Yes, it probably tastes good. And yes, it satisfies a need. But doesn't it just take you further from yourself and the goals you want to accomplish for health and well-being?

The facts keep stacking up — healthy kids eat more than their classmates who are overweight. Having the body that you want doesn't involve deprivation. It just demands changing behaviors and making different choices.

Why is that so hard? Maybe you were bullied about your weight growing up. Maybe there was a battle at the dinner table every night in your home. Maybe your Mom was a stress case or overweight when she had you in her womb. Maybe you were violated in some way by family, friends, church, or community when you should have been protected and nurtured instead.

Whatever the reason … you need some new knowledge, skills, and inspiratioin to banish the demons that push you into eating patterns that no longer serve your peace of mind, brilliance, or productivity.

What would it be like if instead you ate in synch with the natural rhythms of the day … just enough to be satisfied and not stuffed, food you felt good about eating … that made you feel vital and alive instead of guilty, heavy, and sedated?

When asked why they ate, a group of women gave reasons like:

  • Because I'm upset
  • When I'm lonely
  • If I'm tired
  • Out of boredom, etc.

Do you know that none of the women said they ate because they were hungry? Our culture has taught us to use food for everything except good nourishment!

Want to break out of that pattern to shine with a healthy body in time for the holidays? This is the third free call I'm offering on “How to Get Thin for the Holidays”. Many who responded told me they know what to do to lose weight but don't carry it out because of emotional eating.

So I decided to offer scholarships to everyone who was on those two calls PLUS anyone else who'd like to change some unhealthy habits they know are dragging down their health, and well-being.

Wouldn't it be wonderful this holiday season to step up with a smile, confident in the way you look, proud of the commitment you made to yourself to lose weight — or at least not get more bloated — before the end of 2010?

Wouldn't it be more fun to be peppy, cheerful, and radiant instead of worn-out, irritable, and sluggish from stuffing yourself with tempting sugar-laden foods and drink?

Invest an hour of your time for the FREE Live Call (or listen to the recording at your convenience):

How to Heal Emotional Eating

A FREE Presentation – 3 Simple Strategies to
Banish the Eating Demons

Tues, Oct 19 at 5:30 PM Pacific, 6:30 PM Mountain, 7:30 PM Central
and 8:30 PM Eastern

with Dr. Linda Berry author, teacher, and healer

  • The #1 thing you need to focus on to have the body you want. (Most doctors don't even know this.)
  • A 3 Part formula for breaking free from the emotional eating habits that sabotage your best intentions to get in shape and stay that way for good.
  • Secrets to tripling your energy and optimizing your weight. Not knowing this used to cost me hours of lost joy and freedom, as I struggled with fatigue, mental fog, and food addictions.
  • The most critical mindset shift you need to make before attempting to make serious diet and lifestyle improvements. Don't even bother with all the strategies we're about to teach you if you're not willing to do this!
  • How to get the knowledge and support you need to make lasting changes that will bring you freedom, joy, and vitaility. (It's easier than you think.)

NOTE: This call is perfect for you if you eat to stuff, bury, put-aside, lighten, forget, or avoid emotions. Wouldn't you love to retire the demons that push, plague, and taunt you to act in ways that ultimately hurt you?

I'm ready!Tell me how to face the eating demons!

Did you know that carrying around too much weight can increase your blood pressure? If your joints hurt taking off extra pounds will lighten their load so you feel lighter, stronger, and more flexible. And GI problems are oftern linked to being overweight too.

When your body doesn't feel good and you're not happy with the way you look it's hard to get through the day much less enjoy your life isn't it?

What if you could take three simple steps to banish the eating demons that plague and taunt you? Instead of doing what most people do – packing on more pounds then waiting once again to take them off in the New Year — but probably failing.

What if this this holiday you emerged slimmer, happier, and healthier? Wouldn't that feel good?

Learning a bunch of new stuff isn't what's going to make the difference in your body shape is it? You've also got to take action! The action steps you're going to learn in this one-hour free teleseminar don't involve taking any pills. They don't involve buying into ultra-expensive weight loss programs either. And they're not another crash and burn diet scheme that makes you gain more weight than you lost when you're finished.

What would it be worth to you to look and feel better? Wouldn't it be worth an hour of your time? Don't delay. And don't worry if you're not able to make the live call. It will be recorded and a link will be sent to you when the call is done.

Sign-up HERE for How to Heal Emotional Eating


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  1. Troyann

    Hi Ritamarie!
    Thank you for your insightful post on how to heal the self sabotage of emotional eating! Sometimes it is indeed difficult to know the difference between true physical hunger and emotional hunger. It’s great to see that you are helping us develop stronger and healthier mindsets about eating and about our bodies!

  2. kandie demarest

    Hi, I am so glad to have found you here!
    Thanks for any and all wisdom you share! 🙂

    I am searching hard to find Happy Day raw fudge bars and can’t find them at any health food store in the Modesto area.


    maybe you have a good recipe for my own raw fudge bars using cocoanut milk?
    I could use some help–and fast!




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