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At some point in time, most of us get lost on our paths to good health.

We overeat, indulge in choices not good for us, and stop exercising. These choices tend to take a huge toll on our bodies creating a myriad of dis-ease and pains.

But there is no reason you have to continue living this way. Joining Dr. Ritamarie is Dr. Linda Berry.

Dr Linda empowers you to transform stress into a mighty fuel to power your life and dreams. She knows how because at 24 years old she was paralyzed from an automobile accident. Before that Dr Linda was a dancer, choreographer, and purple belt in Karate. She rose up from her wheelchair to become a chiropractor, nutritionist, and trauma healing specialist. Dr Linda is an internationally known author. Her book Internal Cleansing has been in print for 24 years. She’s been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox news.

Join this dynamic duo as they cover rejuvenation, smiling your way into distress and being happy with your weight.

Visit Dr. Linda on the web:

1. Rejuvenation

2. Smile Into Distress

3. Healthy Weight

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