Flexibility as a Health Key Revisited

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doctorritamarie-45c2f171-8985-472c-bac4-21766c00e167-v2I am a big fan of going with the flow. I had a recent series of my favorite “F” words, and one of those was flexibility, with good reason. And I speak about tools like HeartMath because of how important it is to remain flexible and reduce worry whenever possible, because of the toll it can take on your body. The stress it puts on your adrenals, and its relation to your other hormones, is immense.


Frankly, most of the time there isn't really a choice about the things we tend to get all worried and upset about anyway! Wouldn't you agree? Experts agree that roughly 98% of what we worry about NEVER actually comes to pass. But your body does not know that.


Life will test you on this issue! Case in point…my website has been a mess for a few weeks…


Our hosting company was unresponsive when we had a 2-day outage, so we switched companies. The migration has been underway for a week now and many of our e-mails are MIA.  Blog pages are in limbo, and several links are temporarily misdirecting. We have had our weekly newsletter almost ready to go for a few days and it's been held up because the feature article is MIA.

Man relationship with computer malfunction conceptOn top of it all, we have been training someone new to handle e-mails and that's always a time-consuming task.

So instead of getting all upset about it, I choose to be flexible.

Being vibrant and energetic means you need to sometimes let go of things that are not serving you.

As a society we tend to spend too much energy fretting over things we can't control, rehashing things, and retelling our bad experiences. Can you identify?

Therefore, I made a few powerful declarations, and my body relaxed immediately. Try it on your own worries!

I declare my independence from useless worry and concern.

doctorritamarie-dcb491cc-f956-46e9-9b81-52e985af16ce-v2I choose to spend my precious energy on things that bring joy and vitality.

I choose to be grateful that there even is an Internet that brings us together.

When it fails at times, like now, I choose to trust that we will get it working again.  

It's just a matter of keeping my priorities in front of me and pushing a few dates around if need be. It's not the end of the world and nothing to go into “fight or flight” over.

Will you join me?

What worry do you choose to let go of today?
What are you grateful for?

I for one am grateful for my amazing team and my dedicated readers. This means YOU!

You're truly a blessing in my life.

And I know you will understand if some of the things we have planned for you come a week later than scheduled.


With Love and Appreciation,



Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo


Comment below: What worry do you choose to let go of today? Notice how much better you feel in your body just by doing this one thing!

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