Food is NOT the Enemy

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food-is-not-the-enemyDo you constantly think about food?
Do you hate the way you look?
Do you use food to take care of yourself or to punish yourself?
Are you tired of dieting and don’t know what else to do?

Always thinking about what you should eat and how you should look is no way to live your life.

Have you ever noticed that you overeat (binge) on the very same food you decided never to touch again?

Dieting and restricting doesn’t work – In fact, studies show that 95%-98% of diets don’t work.

Joining Dr. Ritamarie is body image coach, Anne Cuthbert.

In this show learn:

• How to eat and enjoy the foods you really love, without worrying about gaining weight
• Ways to accept and even like your body
• How you can learn to like yourself, your whole self


Additional Resources:

Visit Anne’s website and get your free gift, “5 Steps Toward a Diet Free Life” – click here

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