From Fatigued to Energized: Detoxification and Cleansing Programs to Restore Vibrant Health

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You have a right to feel good. You can and will experience vibrant health as soon as you identify and remove the obstacles that have been in your way –  the ones that leave you with feelings of fatigue, discouragement and chronic exhaustion.

You live in a toxic world.  You're surrounded by a sea of  pollutants, synthetic hormones, and cancer-causing chemicals.  These toxins stress your organs and leave your immune system weakened.  It's no wonder you're not feeling as good as you'd like to feel.

The good news is that you can take steps to enhance your body's ability to detoxify, allowing you to lead a healthier life with a lower risk of developing cancer, autoimmune conditions and other debilitating diseases.

Periodic deep cleaning is a desirable thing.  You do it to your home, your car, even your pets, if you have them. Yet you may never have even thought about doing a periodic cleansing of your internal organs.

Throughout the ages, various forms of cleansing have been used.  Water and juice fasting are among the most rigorous methods.  A variety of potions and powders have been developed to cleanse the colon and the liver. The Master Cleanse is one of the more popular cleansing programs of our modern time.

Many of these cleansing methods work well. All have advantages and disadvantages.  None works perfectly for everyone. Genetic makeup, body type, activity level, work and family demands, and stress level are amongst the factors that play into how successful any given cleansing method will be for an individual at any given time.

All types of cleanses have similar goals.  Each program serves to give your digestive system a rest while enhancing your ability to release toxins.   Exercising to the point of perspiration, as in brisk walking, jogging or cycling,  is a very important part of any cleansing program.   Sweating, dry skin brushing, loofa scrubbing, and saunas are excellent ways to enhance detoxification and  stimulate the elimination of toxins through the skin,  your largest organ of elimination.  Giving the liver a rest by reducing or eliminating fat from your diet frees it up to more efficiently remove toxins from your blood.

A large percentage of your body's daily work is digesting food. When you're digesting complex foods, other vital functions, like growth and repair, slow down. The result of continually eating hard to digest, low nutrient density foods is a slow breakdown of your body's organs and a decline in function.

I've done lots of cleansing programs, ranging from straight water fasting for 28 days to various herbal regimes with lots of potions and pills and a complicated schedule of supplementation and procedures.  By far my favorite is a Green Smoothie Cleanse, during which the only nourishment I take in is in the form of delicious blended green drinks, loaded with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and easily digested amino acids.

After I did the green smoothie cleansing program myself a few times, I had such good results that I decided to share it.  Since the hardest part of the program is staying committed to doing it, I decided to provide support in the form of an online forum, daily email and audio movitvation, teleseminars, books and recipe guides and digital recordings.

This program started out as a one week regime of drinking green smoothies in place of your regular meals with the intent of providing high nutrient density with minimal digestive expenditure. Because the smoothies contain little or no fat, your liver and gallbladder get a break.  Because you're   drinking your foods, rather than eating them, your digestive track has very little work to do.  As a result, you have a lot of free cycles left over to focus on the highly lucrative job of growth and repair.  All the extra energy you save by freeing up your digestive system allows your body to focus on cleansing and repair.

There are now three variations of the program, to address the needs of beginner and advance cleansers alike.  The beginner version of the program calls for replacing 1 or 2 meals with green smoothies and making healthy choices at the other meals.

Because there are no fancy or expensive potions and pills, and there is plenty of nourishment, this kind of cleanse can be fit into your busy schedule.  Teachers, athletes, doctors, lawyers, massage therapists, writers, busy moms and executives have all joined me on this program with great success.  I even had a couple of triathletes join the program and continue to exercise intently.

While it is easy in theory to do this on your own, there is something about the accountability that keeps people coming back to do it again and again.  Personally, I like to do green smoothie cleanses once every 2 months and a green juice cleanse once a year.  I feel like that really helps to give me the energy to lead the busy life that I do.

I'm trying an experiment this time around.  I designed a pre and post cleanse menu plan to help make the transition to the cleanse a bit easier.  This around, I'll be offering a continuation of the coaching and support through one week of post cleanse eating.

Each time I conduct a cleanse, I'm joined by 50 to 60 health seekers.  My vision is to one day branch out and have thousands of people around the globe giving themselves the gift of internal cleansing together during a one week green smoothie cleanse.

My next Green Smoothie Cleanse starts MondayJanuary 12.  I have some special teleseminar guests lined up, and one will be sharing techniques to help overcome emotional eating.

I prepared a quick video to show you the materials I include in the program.

You can sign up at

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

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