From Russia – With Love

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Patch Adam and Voltaire has said that Medicine is the art of Entertaining your patients/clients while they heal themselves. Doc David loves to take that even further by blending Education, Entertainment and the Multi-Dimensional Health FUSION so you enjoy the warm humor and laughter while you heal or share healing in record time.

Doc David loves helping you and your family “Heal like nothing ever happened”.

“Education” is the key – If you know the ‘why’ – You can do the ‘how’.”

Dr. Ritamarie and Doc David want to introduce you to a new way of healing straight from Russia – Energy Healing using SCENAR, the Personal Health Device that helps you heal like nothing ever happened.

Doc David originated the Healing FUSION with Dr. Irina in 2004, and they both have spent the following years perfecting and educating to make it the cohesive program that it is today as the Healing Fusion System with Health Boss.

Doc David Travels worldwide teaching and sharing his knowledge. He works with a number of modalities, covering a broad range from the physical through the emotional, so he is able to assist a large audience. David teaches or has taught internationally Specialized Kinesiology, Low Level/Soft Laser Therapy, SCENAR Technology, Dental Proprioception, Family Constellation, Health Coaching, Nutritional Microscopy, and Aspects of EFT.

He has an extensive experience teaching Low Level Laser Therapy across North America since 2001, when he worked closely with Dr. Lytle with Dental Proprioception and the then newly introduced Q1000.

Doc David has singing, dancing, acting with over 40 Professional shows and Musicals under his belt

Check it out for yourself:

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