Green Cleansing Programs for Jumpstarting Low Energy

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We started the mini green cleansing program today.  Actually, I started Tuesday evening.  No meals, just green smoothies.  Not only does it save time on meal preparation and cleanup, but it dramatically decreases the time spent eating.  For me, that means increased productivity and more time for fun.  And it's the perfect cure for low energy.

I announced the “DrRitamarie ‘sMini Green Cleanse” Tuesday morning and by evening over 120 people had signed up.  By this afternoon we had almost 150 participants.

I usually lead 7 day cleanses, but I'd been thinking about offering a 3 and 5 day option as well.  I think it gives people a good way to start out.

Next year, I'll be offering a one month coaching program to guide you to give your diet a Green Lift.  It will guide gently through diet changes and have a 7 day green cleanse in the middle.  That way, you'll be able to ease in and are less likely to experience the  uncomfortable cleansing reactions that are sometimes experienced by participants.

So just what is a Green Cleanse and what exactly are we cleansing?

I'll post more on that later.  But now, I need to sign-off and get some sleep.

Oh, I almost forgot.  If you'd like more information on Green Smoothies, I have good news for you.  Victoria Boutenko, author of Green For Life,has  a very special offer on her book “Green For Life”

She  would like to see as many people benefit from green smoothies as possible so she's offering her bestselling book Green for Life at a 5o% disc0unt from now till December 25th, 2008.

In addition, she will match every purchase of Green for Life  one to one with a book donation to Relay For Life, a charitable organization for cancer survivors.

By buying Green for Life for yourself and your loved ones you'll also be providing copies of this book to cancer survivors.

It's a great price:  Green for Life for only $7.59 a copy and for each copy you buy, a copy will be donated to a cancer survivor.  (expir@s 12/25/08)

Order Victoria Boutenko's  fabulous book on Green Smoothies at

For 24 hours there's an interview with Victoria Boutenko and Kevin Gianni at

Love and Health,

Dr. Ritamarie

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  1. Briana

    I have found that drinking water after having a green smoothie is making me a lil’ nauseous, is this normal? Also, I noticed that bananas are not in many of your recipes? Do you recommend avoiding them for some reason? Thanks! I am liking the discipline of this cleanse most of all. 🙂


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