Happy Halloween Night

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The night is drawing to a close. The trick or treaters are at home, getting ready to settle down to sleep.

Kevin, my 10 year old son, went trick or treating and came home with a big pillow case filled with candy. We went through it all, and threw all of it into the trash except for 3 pieces. He wanted to taste 3 pieces. He chose sour hard candies.

He opened each one, put it into his mouth until he started to taste it, was hit with a burst of sour and then he spit it out. He did the same thing 3 times.

Afterwards he finished his broccoli left over from dinner, ate a chocolate spider and drank a few sips of izzy, a sparkling juice beverage that was one of his special treats.

I had made monster cakes with raw chocolate frosting, but he was too full. I had also made pumpkin pie but it will wait until tomorrow. The blood punch (Pomegranate juice) will wait too. Fully nourished kids eat until they are full and stop. If they hadn't had a hearty nutrient dense dinner, overindulging in candy would have been easy to do.

We then picked up big brother Eric at his girlfriend's house, and came back home. I gave them each their Halloween treats. Kevin got a bag full of healthy fruit and nut bars, some of them chocolate, a bag of dried mangoes, maple coated pecans, a stick of real sugar cane and 2 $5 bills. He was happy.

I feel so lucky that my kids were raised from birth without sugar and processed food. It makes Halloween a much easier holiday to deal with. And I can sleep soundly, knowing that their immune systems are still on guard, protecting them from harm.

I was hoping to get my Healthy Halloween Treats book out to more people.  Mainstream America may not yet be ready for a healthy Halloween, but those of us who are will sleep well tonight, knowing our kids are safe and protected.  Maybe next year.  Or maybe I should market it to people with sick kids over the next few weeks, with the promise of changing all of that next year.

The pumpkin pie is calling to me.

Love and Health,

Dr. Ritamarie



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