Radio Show: Healthy Holiday Travel Tips (Encore Presentation)

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It's the week of the 4th of July and a big time for travel. This week we are giving Dr. Ritamarie a break and airing a replay of her Healthy Travel Tips.

It's Travel Time!

Summer is upon us and with it comes a heavy travel season. So many just throw caution to the wind and eat whatever they want while traveling because they feel eating healthy is difficult when on the road.

Social pressures are high, particularly when traveling for business or visiting family and friends. Special treats surround us and tempt us to go with the flow until we return home. Sadly, it is often very difficult to get back on track after a week or two of indulgences. The cravings for old favorite unhealthy foods return with a vengeance and cause a downward spiral toward a less optimal state of well-being.

What to do?

This summer, do it right. The extra pounds others take home as a souvenir need not be part of reality when you choose your food carefully. The drained, exhausted feeling after a week or two away doesn’t seem to plague those who plan for health on the road. Why overshadow the fun of the trip with the extra work of getting “back on track”?

Join Dr. Ritamarie and learn how to create a travel strategy so you can eat right and still have plenty of fun during your travels!

Show Day:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Time: 8am PT / 9am MT / 10am CT / 11am ET
Length: 30 Minutes

The show call in number is: (424) 243-9555

At show time, refresh this page and click on the blog talk radio player to the right or go to Blog Talk Radio to listen in:

The episode link is: Vibrant Health Solutions Radio

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