Heart Felt Gratitude For all My Gifts

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Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Thanksgiving is a special day for me. While I intend daily to express gratitude for all my gifts and to those who make my life so fulfilling and joyful, I sometimes fall short of my goal.

Thanksgiving day gives me the opportunity to reflect on all that I am grateful for. To me, the holiday is more about the connections than the food. My life has been rich and full, and the tough times as well as the wonderful times have contributed to making it so. For both I am grateful.

Here's a partial list of what I'm grateful for:

* Waking up each day in a warm bed with a roof over my head. Many people don't have the same experience.

* My daily green smoothie, which energizes and nourishes me more than anything I've ever done.

* That my 11 year old son, Kevin, still likes to cuddle with his Mommy.

* That my 15 year old son, Eric, is dedicated to justice and fairness and is willing to risk his own comfort to help his friends when he feels that they've been wronged.

* My husband Scott, who makes me my green smoothie most mornings and cleans the kitchen after me when I make his.

* The illness I experienced during my 20's that spurred me to learn more about my health and become more healthy and energetic today than ever before. That experience has allowed me to impact the health of thousands of people over the years.

* The miscarriages that caused me to decide to adopt children and the women who birthed my beautiful boys. Had the outcome been different for me, Kevin and Eric would be experiencing lives much more difficult than anything they've ever experienced.

* Sunshine and warmth and the joy I get from both of them.

* Green foods, and the vibrant health they create in me.

* Learning about the powers of Heart Math, becoming certified and using it to transform my life and the lives of those who've learned it from me.

* My “team” that supports me in my life's work: Jimmy for taking over the web support from me(he's so much better than I), Tracey who keeps up with my email, sets up my new radio show “Creating a Vibrant Life”, keeps me up to date on facebook and twitter and countless other tasks, Scott who handles all things accounting, my newest helper, Aran who will be handling my blog and video posting, and all those who volunteer in exchange for learning.

* My sister Cathy, who's death last summer from Lymphoma strengthened my commitment to spreading the message of health through nutrition and self care.

* My surviving 3 brothers and 4 sisters, who all thought I'd lost my mind 25 years ago when I rejected all the foods of my past and adopted the healthy lifestyle I now own. Several of them are now open to my message.

* My father who taught me when I was very young that I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to and was determined to do. I just wish he was still around to hug and thank in person.

* My mom, whose stubbornness and strong will I didn't much appreciate until I realized how much like her I turned out to be. I'm sure she's turning over in her grave and having a good laugh about that now.

* My Italian paternal grandmother who taught me to love to feed people.

* My Irish maternal grandmother who taught me about kindness and unconditional love.

* My maternal grandfather who taught me about gentleness and acceptance and whose influence caused me to marry a kind and gentle man

* My English teacher in 11th grade who encouraged me to express myself on paper.

* My cousin Marybeth who taught me how to be playful and have fun.

* My friends near and far who've supported me through many an idea that seemed far fetched and unreasonable.

* My vitamix blender.

* My affiliate team who've promoted my books and programs and helped me to spread the message of healthy lifestyle.

* My stubborn determination, unwillingness to take no for an answer and dedication to doing what's right.

* You, for listening to my words and taking action towards a better life.

Thanks again. Have an amazing Thanksgiving.

Please post a comment below and share at least one thing you're grateful for.

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

P.S. On Thanksgiving, I'll be making the cranberry orange relish, apricot pecan yams, mushroom gravy and pumpkin pie from my Thanksgiving Feast e-book. Post a comment below and let me know what you're making

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  1. Mattie

    I am thankful for my health and family and for all those that take their time and share their knowledge about healthy eating with everyone so that we can experience great health and know that there is a better way out there.

  2. Toni

    I am grateful for the rain, wind, sun, and the earth that provide us with the wonderful plants, herbs and trees that sustain us.

  3. lala

    I am so thankful that you shared this, Ritamarie… <<<333

  4. amanda

    I’m grateful for the rainbows, the waterfalls, the sunshine between the rain, and my beautiful family.

  5. Open Heart Foods

    Ohh my..mylist is long..
    I’m thankfull for the dew that kisses my feet on my morning walk in the back yard. For the birds and the trees who are always there for me. For the moon in the sky, she reminds me of my connection to all women. To my family, near and far who love me as I am. To everyone I’ve ever known or ever will. I love you all as I love life itself.


  6. smita

    Thanks for sharing! Awesome list.

    I am thankful that I can breath, talk, hear, and walk!

    I am also thankful to be a part of the raw community with mentors that include you!

  7. Laura

    So, how many people (like me) were in “ah” mode, until they got to the Vitamix? I had to laugh, as I’m grateful everyday, in every way, for my Vitamix blender!

    Oh, and the other things as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing!


  8. Lauri Harvey

    I am grateful for you, Ritamarie for being my inspiration, mentor and friend. You are an incredible teacher and loving presence in my life and I am truly blessed to have you in it. Thanks for being YOU!

    Your biggest fan,

  9. Joan

    I am grateful for a lot of things and after reading this blog (or email), I am going to write them down as a new Thanksgiving tradition. But the one thing I have to say that I am thankful for at this moment is that RitaMarie sent out that email and stopped me in my tracks to remember that I do have things to be grateful for and for that I am grateful. Thanks Rita.. and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving too.

  10. Jane

    I’m thankful for receiving your beautiful post this morning which brought tears to my eyes.

    I’m especially thankful for my sister Maren who about five years ago was diagnosed with cancer for the second time and was given six months to live. In the hospital in bad shape she listened to me talk about raw foods and seaweed and my urging to pursue natural healing methods as opposed to allopathic. Now, five years later, she is still here in very good health, and is my best friend and support partner in the raw food lifestyle and life in general.

  11. Cynthia

    Dear Doc– I was feeling very gloomy and ungrateful until I just read through your blog post– thanks so much for sharing your gratitude list– including your VitaMix, which truly made me lol…:p I so much enjoy and am grateful for your teleseminars with Tera– I love your ability to explain medical-anatomical-functional things in a way I haven’t heard before– clear and sometimes even funny. This is not our big day here (I’m Canadian) but I look forward to trying a ‘living’ pumpkin recipe and might do that today. Thanks too for your recipes! God bless you, Cynthia

  12. Natalya

    Wow! Dear Dr. Ritamari, you are really great in expressing your thoughts on the “paper”. I usually say : “I am greatful to God for everything”. I must add though that this year I am also greatful to Him for meeting you. We talked brifly together with you at Raw Spirit Festival in Santa Barbara. I am listening your teleseminars and I bought your Thanksgiving book too. I made pumpkin pie already just now and it tastes delicious, can’t wait till tomorrow to eat it with my family tomorrow. I am going to make those pressed yamms too. Thank you so much for doing incredible work to educate people about healthy life style! God grant you many years and happy Thanksgiving to you, your team and your family!

  13. Chanel

    I am grateful for this beautiful life we were all given, the incredible friends (near and far) that enrich my life daily, for the Grateful Dead and their magical songs 🙂 and thank you for my amazing family and to my sweet one. A Blessed Day of Giving Thanks to all!!

  14. Amy

    What a heartfelt post. Thank you for sharing so much with us, your readers. And thank you for all of the work that you are doing–so needed!

    I have so much to be thankful for, but to keep this brief I will share just a few. I am tremendously grateful for my good health over these last 8 months, my nourishing friendships, my healthy, kind, and compassionate children, and my hardworking, funny, and caring husband.

    Just writing this, I can feel a shift in my energy this morning. Gratitude really can have such a profound impact on us on so many levels, can’t it?

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Mary

    I am grateful for everything! I especially thank God for you and the Raw Divas for helping my daughter who has fibro mialgia. The first week on RAW, it looked like she lost 30 pounds and is thriving and pain free!
    Love and prayers,

  16. Mary

    I am grateful for everything! I especially thank you for helping my daughter who has fibro mialgia. The first week on RAW, it looked like she lost 30 pounds and is thriving and pain free!


  17. Tammy

    Im Thankful for my siblings that I grew up with… We had so much fun together! Even though we were fed unhealthy, processed foods we managed to DEEPLY LOVE and appreciate each other, despite all the unnecessary fights.
    Im Thankful for Homeopathic Doctors, Acupuncture, Chiropractors, Dentists, Herbal People, and all HEALERS who truly LOVE others…

    Im Thankful for my sweet 21 month year old baby boy who came into my life 2 months preemie and taught me that I needed to get healthier so I could live to raise him.
    Im Thankful for the people who have supported and helped me be a loving, healthy, happier, raw mommy…with more energy,
    Im so thankful for my sweet doggies, especially Chubb who is constantly by my side and dances so well…
    Im Thankful for my Organic bedding and the chance to heal from what may have become cancer.
    Im so thankful for CLEAN AIR and WATER~~ and Sunshine.~
    Im grateful for Music and the ability to DANCE and float on air.
    Im Thankful for Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo for becoming a Doctor and truly helping others acheive health through medicine (foods).
    Peace and LOVE!!

  18. Margaret

    I got quite emotional as I read your gratitude list and felt sad because we, in Britain, don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and so being thankful is not emphasised at all.Even Christmas advertising generates a ‘what can I get’mentality especially with the younger generation. Its good to be reminded of having a grateful heart – thank you once again Dr. Ritamarie

  19. Clara

    I am grateful for finally loving and accepting myself the way I am

  20. Shaun White

    I am grateful for this beautiful life we were all given, the incredible friends (near and far) that enrich my life daily, for the Grateful Dead and their magical songs ? and thank you for my amazing family and to my sweet one. A Blessed Day of Giving Thanks to all!!


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