HOME INTERIORS, HEART INTERIORS: Creating a home that nurtures your spirit

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Do you have a space in your home that inspires you?  One that nurtures and refreshes you on a deep level?    Your physical environment sets the tone for your day and has an extraordinary influence on your mood.  Creating a blissful sanctuary can actually help you maneuver the ups and downs of daily living.

I’ve heard it said that a home should rise up to greet you.  Each time you return (whether you live in an apartment, a suburban house, or a sprawling ranch), it should say to you, “Oh, there you are!  Welcome back, we’ve missed you.  Have a seat in this comfortable chair and let me make you cup of tea.  I can’t wait to hear about your day!” 

If your environment seems chaotic to you, if it is disorganized, dull or dirty, you may have a difficult time feeling psychologically refreshed.  Unfinished emotional business, lack of self-attention, depression, low self-esteem – all of these emotions and more may become reflected in your personal space.  Is your physical space trying to tell you something about the terrain of your psyche?   If so, consider the state of your home a gentle reminder to work through these issues, with help if necessary.  As you transform yourself, your environment will no doubt follow.    

On the flip side, a messy home can leave you sensing a general discord or dissatisfaction with your life.  In some instances, you might feel frozen or blocked, unable to progress physically or emotionally.  But the good news is that you have a considerable amount of control over the situation.   Simply tending to your environment is like hitting the refresh button on your world view AND your self-image.  Your home is a mirror of who are – honor it through the actions of caring for it, and you honor yourself in the process.

A home will also seem inhospitable if it reflects an outdated version of who you are.   A home can look like a page out of a magazine, but will nonetheless feel cold and empty if it does not accurately reflect the people who live there. 

Think about all the women you’ve known who, immediately upon ending a long-term intimate relationship, cut their hair and THEN redecorated their bedroom.   I knew a woman once who seemed quietly and happily resigned to a rather mundane life.  We were all surprised when Sandy ended her 24-year marriage, but it made more sense to me when revisiting her home.  She had converted her comfortable Southwestern-style bedroom, with its pleasant soft colors and relaxed mood, into an exotic room with rich, deep colors and sensuous Moroccan touches.  I had never seen Sandy more animated then when she was telling me about her new room and her new life — she had become unleashed!

Put a little sparkle into your home, and find a place for the things you truly need and love (throwing out everything that does not fit that criteria…) It will do amazing things for your spirit!

Want to take it step further?   The next post will be about creating a sacred space within the sanctuary of your home, so tune in on Friday for more…

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