Hormone Imbalance Video and Self Assessment

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Hormone imbalance is one of the most common causes of feeling “less than good”.

Proper functioning of your hormones depends on the delicate orchestration of a number of key lifestyle factors.  When your hormones are in balance, you feel great—energetic, clear headed, strong and joyful.  But, when your hormones  get out of balance, the opposite is true,  You just don't feel quite right.

You may be suffering from adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, autoimmune disease, digestive problems and a host of other symptoms.  Plus you're at higher risk for hormone related cancers — breast, prostate, ovarian and uterine.

Use the assessment below to determine how well balanced YOUR hormones are:

Mark each one you experience.

1.    Fatigue/lack of energy?
2.    Distractibility or lack of focus?
3.    Memory loss?
4.    Anger or irritability?
5.    Anxiety?
6.    Depression?
7.    Mood swings?
8.    Headaches?
9.    Muscle Aches?
10.    Joint pain?
11.    PMS?
12.    Painful periods?
13.    Breast tenderness or swelling?
14.    Accumulation of weight around your midline?
15.    Weight loss resistance?
16.    Acne or oily skin?
17.    Dry or thinning hair?
18.    Dry or itchy skin?
19.    Increased facial hair?
20.    Urinary incontinence?
21.    Decrease in sex drive?
22.    Vaginal dryness, itching or pain?
23.    Painful intercourse?
24.    Difficult achieving orgasm?
25.    Hot flashes/or night sweats?
26.    Insomnia or night time awakenings?
27.    Osteopenia or osteoporosis?
28.    Elevated cholesterol?
29.    Constipation?
30.    Bloating, gas or indigestion?

Score one point for each positive answer.  Score an additional point for each symptom that's moderate to severe in intensity or you experience it frequently.

**If your score is 20 or higher, you most likely have a hormone imbalance that needs to be addressed ASAP.

**If you scored between 10 and 20
, you are likely suffering from a hormone imbalance that's interfering with your
quality of life.

**If you scored between 5 and 10, your hormone imbalance is mild and should be addressed to prevent it from getting worse.

**If you scored less than 5, congratulations.  Your hormones are mostly in balance and you are in a good position to  take measures to protect and nourish your hormones to prevent future imbalances.

There's a series of 5 videos we recorded to show you how to get your hormones in balance.  The videos are free at http://www.vibranthormones.com

I teamed up with internationally acclaimed hormone expert Dr. Lindsey Berkson, author of  “Safe Hormones, Smart Women”, “Hormone Deception”,”Natural Answers to Women's Health Questions”, “Healthy Digestion the Natural Way” and 8 other books to create these videos that share the best kept secrets about nourishing and protecting your hormones.

This Natural Hormone Balance Video Series covers the following topics and more:

  • How your hormones are like email messages – and the factors that affect their delivery
  • Why testosterone is important for keeping women’s hormones safe
  • Important vitamins  that balance your mood, energy and libido
  • The intimate connection between food and hormones, and why living and raw foods can help keep your hormones balanced
  • How sleep protects you from cancer
  • Why synthetic vitamins may be hurting you

In the very very first video, we share why testosterone is so  important for women as well as men and how it keeps a certain body part safe.


This information is not to be missed if you'd like to be healthy, happy, sexy and vibrant at any age!

Love, Health and Joy to you

Dr. Ritamarie


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