How to Make Your Impact By Getting on Stage

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Whether you are a health practitioner, health coach, or someone wanting to break into the health industry, getting your message “out there” in the world can be overwhelming.

Pete Vargas, known as the “stage whisperer” has booked over 25,000 talks on stages worldwide. He now teaches programs through his organization “Advance Your Reach” and has a few quick tips for overcoming fear and speaking to your target audience.

Develop Your Signature Talk

One of the most powerful things we can do as health professionals is knowing our message and story but master a signature talk that uses language that our customer uses.

One of the biggest mistakes health professionals make is speaking to their target audience in jargon or “medical” language instead of using the customer’s language.

Your first signature talk should address your customer’s pain points and articulate those points in the customer’s own words. Pain points are the thoughts that keep us awake at night. For example:

“How do I lose this weight?” 

“I am sick and tired of diets.”

“I’ve tried everything, nothing works.”

Make the Stage About the Audience, Not You

Most of the thoughts that speakers go to the stage with are self-absorbed or self-conscious. We worry about how we look, how we sound, and the fear that harms our performance. 

Instead of fixating on what the audience thinks, we can shift into how our message and brilliance is going to help those people. 

One hack for focusing more on your audience and feeling less self-conscious in front of them is choosing 1-2 people in the crowd and pretending that you are having a private conversation with them.

Scale the Stage 

Whenever you provide your signature talk, you should always have a way to connect or follow up with the people in the audience. One way to connect with your audience after your “appearance” is to offer them a valuable gift in exchange for their email address. 

Your presentation of your signature talk followed up with a gift is a great entry point to continuing the conversation with each and every one of your audience.

The Stage Needs You

As educated health professionals, you owe it to the world to overcome your fear of being seen and heard on stage- whether it’s a physical or digital stage.  You can access Pete's FREE workshop here to get one step closer to your signature talk.


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