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Today's post will be short but full of energy!

In previous posts, I talked about my four favorite “F-Words.” They are: FUN, Food, Fitness, and Flexibility.

The Physiology of Fun, and The Sweetest of Them All Part 1 and Part 2 delved into the Fun and Food words. Today I would love to write and share about Fitness.

It's no secret I love fitness! And when I find workouts I enjoy (like I demonstrate in the video below), I have to share them with you.

I especially love workouts that can adjust to ANY fitness level.




I was also SO thrilled by Teresa Tapp's famous “T-Tapp” method (which is also good for any fitness level) that she demonstrated as one of my Special Guests at last weekend's sellout event Spring Into Vitality, that I have added information about her workouts to my newest upcoming Energy Recharge Coaching Program.

And if you are thinking that maybe you are too “old,” or too slow, or not coordinated enough, just put those thoughts out of your head right now. I personally am about to turn 57 in April and have even more energy than I had when I was in my 20's! It is totally possible for fitness to be fun and easy!

At last week's event, there was even an 84-year old, spry man doing the T-Tapp right along with Teresa, me, and a sellout room of over 110 people of varying fitness levels, weights, and age ranges!

Mostly what we all need is a Coach who knows the ropes…

Today's post was easy and light, and I will speak much more on fitness in later posts. But I want to leave you sweating and energized…

For a quick, fun and inspiring workout that you can do right along with me today, check out this video where I talk about “burst training”:


What are some of YOUR favorite, fun fitness strategies? I'd love to hear from you! Comment below.


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  1. Regina J

    I have begun doing burst training on my rebounder – doing assorted jumps for 30 – 40 seconds as fast as possible then slowing for 10 – 20 seconds and continue for 20 mins. 3x week. I am 63 yrs with osteoarthritis and hypothyroid and after 20+yrs of not being able to lose any weight I am “slowly” getting the weight down – really slow but it is happening!!!! I am also trying to get off high BP meds and the doctor I see is not too happy with blood sugar numbers currently – am trying to incorporate a semi-Paleo diet for these concerns – any advice for this??? Love your site – a reader in Leander, TX.



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