Joe Vitale: Let Your Thoughts and Love Rain on Austin

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– by Joe Vitale
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Years ago I wrote an e-mail asking people to help me stop Rita, the hurricane that geared up right after Katrina.  I advised people to stop and send love and prayers to the hurricane; to dilute their own fear, find faith, and be a source of peace.  Rita did in fact drop from a category 5 hurricane to a category 2. When it finally blew through my area, it didn't even rain.

send love and rain to AustinWell, I'm asking for your help with the fires burning around the Austin area. I know it may seem goofy to some, but there are over 25 scientific studies that prove when a group of people meditate together, they can change their surroundings — just by getting settled inside.

I'm asking you and everyone else reading this to send love, light, prayer, positive thoughts and maybe even rain.  I am asking for the most benevolent outcome in this situation.  I'm asking you to sit, get quiet, and in whatever way you can imagine it, see the fires going out, and see people safe, sound, happy and healthy.  I'm asking you to help me clean on this outer reality representing an inner imbalance.

Together, we can do this.

Obviously, real people need to do real things to help control and extinguish these fires, but we can help them by being a source of calm.

I'm not asking for money or muscle; just your concentrated focus so we can attract a preferred outcome.

project peace, love, and calm thoughts and feelingsWill you help me?

Just take a deep breath… find that place of peace inside yourself… that place where you know all is well… the center of the essence of you… the Witness behind it all…the power source that is all love…

Get to that area of inner calm…

…and then just feel the fires going out… and people safe… and all is well….

That's all I'm asking you to do.


Joe Vitale

PS – Excerpts for the original e-mail about hurricane Rita

I'm not saying ignore the storm warnings. I'm saying don't get caught up in the fear that the warnings often trigger.

Look. If you think the storm will get you, then it's already gotten you. You're living in fear. Your life is dark, gloomy and in a cage. The media is flawless at whipping us into fear. So I suggest ignoring the media. It's not information, it's propaganda. It gets large groups of people to think negative, which of course then becomes reality.

Why can't we do the opposite?

Why can't we get large groups of people to think positive? At this very moment, as I type Joe Vitalethis and you read this, all is well. Isn't it? Aren't you ok? Aren't you feeling fine right now? Yes, be sure to have batteries and water and supplies.

But also check the storehouse in your mind. Are you living in fear, or living in trust? Are you focused on the negative, or are you doing something to create a positive?

We are all, always, at choice. Happiness is a choice.

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