Learn to Create Raw Foods Classes:Karen Knowler Teleclass

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Karen Knowler is offering a FR^EE teleseminar called “How to Design and Create a Raw Food Class that Fills Up Every Time!”

She has me intrigued, and I'll be attending even though I've taught dozens and dozens of classes, quite effectively and successfully. I'm of the belief that I can always learn more, so I registered for Karen's class. After all, it's FR^E^E.

I've worked with Karen in the past, and learned a LOT about business from her. She's bright, lively and fun to be around.

Karen asks: “Are you ready to learn how to create, market, fill and teach raw food classes that you love to teach, that delight your audience over and over again AND enable you to create or enhance your living?”

If your answer is YES, then this teleclass is for YOU!

It happens on Wednesday Feb 4 at 3PM Central time. It will be recorded in case you can't make it. But you need to register to get the recording. For details and to sign-up, go to


I've already reserved my spot.

Here's the link again:


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