Molecular Effects of Appreciation: Dr. Ritamarie’s Gratitude Journal Day 3

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the messages of water and gratitude

There is so much research linking the power of positive emotion to physical healing.

Positive emotion, particularly gratitude, has been linked to healing disease and changing the shape of water molecules.

Dr. Emoto, in his book Messages from the Water took photos of water before and after infusing it with love and gratitude.  The results were amazing.

I started my  Appreciation Journal with the intent to raise the consciousness about the power of appreciation.   I expect to see some truly amazing changes.  Post daily and comment about your experience.

There will be prizes at the end for those who share most consistently and those with the most compelling stories of transformation.

Go ahead, get started!  In the US we celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of November.  Let's make the entire month of November Thanksgiving month.

Subscribe to the blog by clicking the link on the upper right.  That way you'll get notified every time I post my appreciation and you'll be able to post yours.

Experience more energy, health and joy when you join me on this appreciation journey.  Let the magic begin!

Dr. Ritamarie's Appreciations for Today – Day 3

  1. I appreciate the extra hour of sleep I got today as a result of turning our clocks back!
  2. I appreciate every single participant of my B4 Be Gone program for having the courage and dedication to make very dramatic changes and to trust me as their guide.
  3. I appreciate my glucose meter which is helping me to get in touch with the foods that are right for me.

Write down the first 3 appreciations that pop into your awareness.  There are many more where they came from

Throughout the day, play the appreciation game I spoke about in yesterdays post, Appreciation Overcomes Fatigue:  Dr. Ritamarie’s Gratitude Journal Day 2. 

Post your appreciations below.  I look forward to reading them.

With Great Love and Appreciation,

Dr. Ritamarie

Go ahead, give yourself an energy boost. Comment below about what you appreciate today.

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  1. Glosue

    1. I am thankful and grateful for my new life changing job.

    2. I am thankful and overwhelmed with joy everyday for my two beautiful sons.

    3. I am filled with gratitude every day of my life for having beautiful, precious kitties that call me theirs.

  2. Leila

    I wrote day 2 & 3 in the Day 1 blog… I see now there is a daily blog to write in. This appreciation exercise is helping me feel lighter in general – and only 3 days so far 🙂 I’m appreciating that!

  3. Sonja

    Hi Ritamarie,

    Yes, this is a wonderful thing to do – especially first in the morning so the day starts out great! I like to do those kind of thing, too. 🙂

  4. Laura

    I appreciate seeing my Mom, and that she knew who I was, and that she is feeling much better.

    I appreciate hugs from my friends in Crescent City.

    I appreciate feeling so much better this week, than last – I read my my index card daily, with my core values. Health is number 1!

  5. Yvette

    1. I appreciate Dr. Ritamarie’s understanding of how positive emotion creates physical healing, and her teaching us how to do that powerfully in our own lives by being grateful.

    2. I appreciate that the sun is shining this morning after a couple of days of clouds and rain.

    3. I appreciate the ability to learn, to grow, and to change for the better.

  6. Debbie

    I appreciate the beautiful Fall leaves and crispness in the air. The maple tree outside my kitchen window is ablaze with red leaves and the tree behind it with yellow. I live on the pacific coast sound and the Olympics with the islands and water in the foreground are stunning this time of year!
    I appreciate a strong, supportive devoted husband!
    I appreciate the physical challenges that are helping me to learn and grow.

    I APPRECIATE DR RITAMARIE!!! Thank you so much for your wisdom, knowlege, strength, drive, tenacity and LOVE that motivates you to go above and beyond to try to reach and help sooo many!!!

  7. Mary

    I appreciate my landlord for taking me to the airport this morning
    I appreciate the ability to keep going even while exhausted
    I appreciate the many people who have been so helpful and nice here at the airport/on the plane and in Denver


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