My Personal Healing Story Begins Here

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my personal healing story

My news today is about my own health and my request for healing energy.

About a month ago I broke my arm.

Only I didn’t realize it was broken and thought it was just dislocated.  I got an x-ray last Friday which revealed a severe fracture where a part of the humerus, called the capitellum, broke off and is sitting on top of the top of my radius, making it impossible to bend my arm more than 90 degrees.

It sounds more painful than it is.  Yes, It hurts to try to bend my arm, scratch my nose or put my hair in a ponytail…but other than the first 2 weeks when it hurt at night and woke me up a few times it's been okay.  Typing has been limited to 5-10 minute intervals.

Anyway, I have explored options and come to the realization that the only way to get the bone back in place and be able to use my arm fully again is surgery.

As you know I seek alternatives as much as possible.  However, I have to admit that  trauma and displaced bones are in the realm of medical specialty, not herbs and nutrition.  Of course, I will use my nutritional and alternative medicine skills, including magnets, energy medicine, acupuncture, herbal compresses etc. to promote rapid healing once the bone is in place –  I wish I could find a way to move the bone fragment back and make it stay without surgery!

I am sure open to ideas.

Thanks for your support through what will likely be a month of recuperation and slightly less busy pace.

A few events will have to be reschedules and my team and I are working on that.

I will keep you posted on my progress and would appreciate your healing thoughts and prayers, and, of course, any ideas for magically putting my bone in place so I can avoid surgery.  It's scheduled for Monday, September 9th!

Love, Health and Joy,



Comment and Share: Send me your wishes here! I appreciate all your suggestions and  sharing of your own personal stories!

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  1. Guylaine

    Dr. Ritamarie,
    I feel for you and I’m sending you my prayer and healing thoughts. You will heal well. You’re healthy and strong. Blessings.

  2. Michalene

    Sending lots of healing energy & MOJO your way for a successful surgery & graceful healing.

  3. Trisha

    Dearest One,

    My heart leaps out to you in support, prayer and healing energies.

    Richard and I are certain that there is a silver lining here and in the meantime, when it is more of a challenge to know & feel that 100% all the time, Richard & I send you our deepest love and blessings vibrationally to help you hold that space. Take the belief to the level that you are able each day.

    You are a most courageous, compassionate and persistent beloved and you will do, be and learn all that there is to learn from this experience. We know that you will support others with your findings as you move through this journey. Know that all is well and that the Universe conspires to support and supply everything for you always.

    We will hold you in the Light and Love with healing for your highest and best. We embrace you in the comfort, peace and joy that is your to claim every moment. Ask ask ask for help and do let us know if there is anything that Richard or I can do to assist and support you!

    All our Love & Joy,
    Trish & Richard

  4. Deborah in Newport Coast CA

    Hi Dr Ritamarie,

    Sending you lots of healing energy! If you remember, when I broke my foot it was a complicated break where the bone separated out and down from the other part of the break. There was a significant gap between the pieces. I was told surgery with plates and screws was necessary. For 6 months I tried nutrition, visualization, etc, basically everything I could think of in the natural vein.

    After 6 months and a CT scan (800 slices)it was deemed a non-union with no healing. Through an acquaintence I found Dr Greg North in Costa Mesa, CA. He practices Network Chiropractic which works with the energy of the body rather than typical chiropractic manipulation. After 2 weeks working with him, I felt a lightning bolt hit my foot. It was quite startling! 4 weeks later I had a follow up x-ray by my medical doctor. I was told that enough healing had taken place it would not break in the same place again. The bone was in perfect placement and you could barely see the fracture line. I cannot explain the Network Chiropractic system but believe this modality is responsible for the successful treatment of my broken foot without surgery. I can do everything as before the break, no pain, no range of motion issues. It’s like new and most important no metal or plastic elements to contend with in the long term. Hope this helps!
    All the best in your healing journey!

  5. Rohini

    Dear Ritamarie,

    Much love, healing prayers and wishesi. I will be happy to channel Reiki to you as youA re healing.
    The other things that might help, that I happen to have experience with are EFT ( Tapping) that can miraculously
    Assuage pain and discomfort often in minutes, might be useful to use as and when you need. Much info on this amazing
    Tool is available on the Net.
    Othe than that some reflection of what seems hard to handle in life? Any stresses or burdens that are getting you down?
    What is the body mirroring?
    This reflection may help to throw up the root cause of the injury and ell you ” heal” that, as important as healing the physical
    Once youA r healing and even before do speak to the arm, explain to it what’s happening , and suggest that it has the healing potential to fix it,self real quick!
    Does this make sense dear Ritamrie. You have many prayers coming your way from all of us who are tuned into you!
    Much love

  6. Barbara.

    I do hope you recover fully as soon as possible. With your positive outlook you are sure to.

  7. Joyce Wright

    Dr. Ritamarie
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Have you considered Prolozone therapy from the father of that, Dr. Shallenberger, in Carson City NV?

    I am walking today without a cane because of his Prolozone. His phone number is 775-884-3990 at his Nevada Center. People come from all over the world to see him!

    Our best to you and yours,
    Joyce and Frank Wright
    Reno NV

  8. Minoo

    sending you divine love of the source to heal.
    much love & blessings!

  9. Nafisa Memon

    I wish you very very fast recovery/healing and I am sure you are going to be completely healed soon. May God Bless you! Amen,

  10. Pat

    Dr Ritamarie, I am sending my prayers for quick healing and low stress. Yes, trauma is one thing we must take seriously and use the wisdom that God gave to others who are trained to take care of our broken bones.

  11. Bilqis

    I’m so sorry to hear that! I pray that you heal swiftly with minimal discomfort.

  12. Christiana

    I follow your wonderful newsletters, thank you so much for your passion in our healing field. I have practiced Chinese medicine for 31 years and I would suggest taking yunan biao during healing post surgically and most of all practicing qigong, simple movements to bring healing qi to your arm. .
    Blessings and prayers. Christiana

  13. Nina Rao

    Hi Dr. RitaMarie,

    So sorry to hear about your arm. Have you looked into Quantum Touch? I know that it can put bones back in place and straighten out backs, etc. Here’s a link for more info.
    Do more research on it to see if it’s right for you. I know there are practitioners in Houston too.
    Energy medicine is very powerful! I’m sure you know.

    Lots of love and soothing hugs your way.

  14. Nomi

    As one of the best healing practitioners I know and a personal friend I have the deepest faith that whatever protocol you decide upon will be the right one for you. If you are going to have to have anesthesia make ’em give you a Vitamin C drip or whatever else you feel you need. Whatever…you can detox from all that stuff in the weeks after. You need a good working elbow and arm!
    My healing thoughts and prayers are being sent to you and will continue until I hear from you that you are all healed with an arm that does what it is supposed to do! Your biggest two assets are intact: your amazing brain and that compassionate and loving heart. Much Love to you. Nomi

  15. Sally

    Hi Ritamarie,

    Here are some things that came to me while I was reading your sharing and the responses so please feel into the following…

    Connect into your own deep knowing of what this experience is giving to you…it is calling you deeper, using your HeartMath heart breathing, ask your heart what gift is being offered to you through this experience…

    perhaps the gift is to explore a new healing modality such as Network Chiropractors (an amazing and deep healing work on all levels), homeopathy (description of the remedy often used for broken bones, or something like Matrix Energetics an energy- based system that encourages people not to lock energy into their bodies through interacting with their bodies through the diagnosis but allow the energy the room and space to flow.

    perhaps the gift is offering a new perspective of your body and an opportunity to deepen and express your love for it, sending love to your arms and the cells contained within, interacting with it from a place of love and nurturing. Saying to your arm with a deep heart feeling of love “I love you arm”, or seeing a golden healing light surrounding your arm with love, etc.

    perhaps the gift is giving you an opportunity to focus on yourself, your own need for self-care. As a person who gives so much to others, perhaps it is an opportunity to focus that giving energy to yourself and trust your business and service to others won’t suffer if you do. giving to yourself doesn’t mean taking away from others.

    perhaps the gift is to have the experience of surgery as a way to explore ALL forms of healing and to recognize they are all equal and of value. that this path is not a reflection of failure if you currently hold this belief, but one of allowing you to move beyond “beliefs” into greater expansiveness of ALL possibility, and that ALL possibilities come from LOVE.

    perhaps it is one, a few, all or none of these things….perhaps this was written to trigger what is true for you within this experience….

    sending you much love to accompany you on your healing path….love and healing are one….

  16. Kamna

    Hi Dr.Ritamarie , I’m truly touched by your injury and the resulting pain as well as discomfort. The good work that you are doing for the humanity and your pure intentions are going to be your strength in taking you out of this phase. May God bless you and heal you soon. I will pray for you..Love.

  17. Annie P

    You will be in my prayers each day Dr. Ritamarie.

  18. Kamna

    Hi Dr.Ritamarie , I’m truly touched to hear about your injury . I can feel the pain and discomfort that you must be facing.I sincerely wish you an early recovery. The good work that you are doing for the humanity and your pure intentions are going to be your strengths in bringing you out of this phase. May God bless you and heal you soon! I will pray for you.

  19. Stacie

    Dr. Ritamarie, I’m thinking of you and sending you lots of love and healing energy, and seeing your entire arm and being bathed in a golden healing light that is pulsing with your body’s own amazing healing life force. Many blessings for a swift recovery, Stacie

  20. karen trainor

    Ritamarie, I broke my patella completely in half while living in Singapore and had to have emergency surgery to wire/pin it back together, plus 3 days in the hospital. I was apprehensive, as you are, about being in the arms of allopathic medicine. But it all went fine. Really. I even had two additional surgeries here in the US to remove the pins and they went as I intended–easy and quick and 100% recovery. Know this: First, your liver is probably in great shape so you will easily detox any anesthesia or other chemicals they give you. Bring your own snacks and water to drink after the procedure to avoid their “white crackers and orange juice.” Bring your own Vit C. Make green juices and smoothies to fortify your nutrition and rest your digestion after the procedure. Go really low glycemic and use anti-fungal herbs/probiotics to combat any antibiotics, etc. Second, use Heartmath and your GREAT positive attitude with the doctors, nurses, staff, everyone you come in contact with. Use that beautiful,WINNING SMILE that you have! KNOW that everything is really in the loving hands of the benevolent Universe, even when it looks like you are in the hands of a surgeon. You really will be fine. We’ll all hold you in love and light. Karen

  21. Helen Roberts

    Dear RitaMarie,
    Do you need an extra hand(s)? Please FB me if I can bring food or groceries or other stuff in the next few weeks.

  22. Kim

    I am wondering how the injury happened. We need to know how to avoid it happening to us. I have to thank you for starting me on my journey to better health. You’ve probably done a webinar on bone health in the past or is that Lindsy Berkson who is the expert?

  23. Freddy

    In France they would use green clay poultices for this and many other health issues. A baby in a breech position was turned simply by placing clay on the abdomen.
    I wish you all the best.

  24. Genevieve

    Holding you and your arm in healing light.

    I broke my wrist (both the radius and the ulna) in December and it was not fun. I also didn’t think it was broken and didn’t get an X-ray for 3 weeks, so I only had to have the cast on for 3. Getting a lot of rest and sleep is necessary for bones to heal.

    My fracture was different than yours so can’t give advice, but the doctor was saying I might need surgery because the joint was involved (it wasn’t, I could see the x ray too and I had full range of motion throughout). Thankfully I ignored him and it healed perfectly, it feels stronger than before and I should know because I’m a massage therapist.

    Healing blessings to you for a change, you are such a wonderful healer. Time to take care of you.

  25. Patricia J Allen

    Healing wishes and prayers are focused on you from all directions.
    You are absorbing, demonstrating rapid healing and speedy return to normal as you have made possible for so many others.

    Keep working those miracles! YOU ARE ONE!

  26. Chikako Siebers

    Dear Dr. Ritamarie,

    I am very sorry for what happened. I pray for your swift recovery and will be sending you lots of healing energy, love and light in your way.

    You told me to take arnica and symphtum when I had my foot surgery last year. They worked well for me.


  27. Beverly

    Hi Dr. Ritamarie,

    I don’t know of any natural remedies but I will certainly be praying that you have a speedy recovery so you can get back to what you obviously love (helping people to become healthier). In the meantime enjoy the well deserved rest. Continue to be blessed.


  28. Linda B from Santa Clara

    We used to trade massage years ago when you lived in Saratoga – Remember me? I have a possible suggestion for you to get rid of the chip w/o surgery. Please call me at 408-569-2434 and I’ll share what I know. You can go to my page on Facebook. Just type in BODY BALANCE AND AWARENESS CENTER. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I called you some time ago, and I don’t think you got my message, because I never heard from you! I look forward to connecting with you this time. I’ve been learning a lot of new information that I find incredibly interesting. Please call so I can share what may help you. Linda B.

  29. Jane

    Hello Dr Ritamarie

    It’s very clear that you have made the correct choice and all of our best wishes are going with you for a great recovery.

    You are blessed,

  30. Mary Montanye

    Dear Dr. Ritamarie, Sending you my love and prayers as you begin this healing journey. I am one who truly believes that there are times allopathic medicine and doctors are just what we need. This is most likely one of those times. They are great for these kinds of things. And, I also know that, because you are in such good shape and have taken care of yourself so incredibly well over the years through exercise, nutrition, and stress relieving exercises like Heart Math, your body will assist your doctors in making itself well rapidly and completely. Much love, Dear One. You are a gift to all of us who have had the good fortune to come in contact with you. Now may we, in turn, be a gift back to you with our prayers and healing thoughts.

  31. Joyce in Toronto

    Dear Dr. Ritamarie,
    My husband Bob and I wish you all blessings in this healing journey. We trust that you are being completely held thru this process, and know you will come out the other end stronger, wiser and even more heart-filled than you already are. A chance to turn what seems to be a “fear” of surgery into a more grounded “knowing” place from which to make decisions.

    Much of what I’d recommend has already been suggested.

    Holding you in our hearts and prayers,
    Joyce and Bob

  32. Dr Linda

    Dear One, I add my voice and energies for your complete and easy healing.

    Much love.

    I would suggest appropriate doses of bone building nutrients so the surgical repair will mend completely. Lots of Vitamin C complex a couple of days after surgery to decrease inflammation and accelerate repair plus neutralize the midications you will necessarliy be exposed to during surgery. If you can find someone with a BEMER that would speed healing and decrease pain too. Or a Hot Laser creates similar efects locally.

    I can send you links to search for practitioners if you want to pursue those avenues.

    Love and hugs, L

  33. Theresa B. H.

    I will be holding you in thought and prayer, Monday (and beyond). May your healing be quick and complete.

    BTW: Karen Trainor’s advice to bring your own snack and drink for after surgery is wise. I had to have the white (eek) cracker after surgery last fall because I did not think well enough ahead.

    You’ll be moving freely, full-steam ahead in no time!

    Much love to you…

  34. Sara Z

    Hi Dr Ritamarie…my “Operation Sister” 🙂

    Not sure if you found another way to heal your arm. Incase you haven’t…I will be thinking of you on the 9th…as I have my little op too. i’m nervous about having an anaesthetic …but will think if Dr RM can do it…I can do it too!!

    Take all the time you need to rest up + heal….so your arm heals properly. Postponing calls, modules, teleseminars etc…is not the end of the world. we have plenty of material to learn + practice in the meantime. and if I think I’m ever going to die (a joke people)…i’ll go to a hospital- see all bases are covered :).

    Just take time out for YOU- which is what you’d tell us to do -so, you’d better follow your own Dr orders 🙂

    Lotsa love + a BIG healing hug,

  35. Beth P.

    Dear Dr. Ritamarie,

    Thinking about you tonight and praying that the Lord will make perfect every preparation that has to do with you in the morning! I pray that your doctors and nurses will be well rested and their hands anointed to do surgery on YOUR arm and deliver anesthesia to YOUR body. Everything will be done correctly and there will be no complications or drug reactions. I see your bone acting like a magnet when put in place, fusing immediately because you are so well fed and full of life force energy! Praise God for the healing power he placed on the inside of you and all of us! May you be full of peace and sweet sleep tonight! Know that you are loved and appreciated!

    Big Hugs!!

  36. Donna

    I’ve been thinking of you all day today. I hope everything went well and you are not in pain. I am sending happy thoughts!!!

  37. Bayari

    Good luck Dr Ritamarie. I wish you a speedy & smooth & successful recovery. I send you a Blessing Ball of Light! 🙂 and wish you many healing thoughts.

  38. Bayari

    Hi Dr Ritamarie
    I’m so glad you were able to postpone some calls. I hope you get some chance to rest 🙂 Don’t worry about any of us! – we’ll all still be here. I hope you can take the time that you need.
    warm wishes 🙂

  39. C J Beaman

    Dearest Ritamarie,

    Your decision to have surgery was the best thing, you’re so right that Western Medicine is good for that! I can attest, my rt arm carries an 8″ plate, and I can move it well, and have all the feeling in that arm right down to the tiniest points on my fingertips! That would never have healed “naturally” although I we did opt for that route for the first 6 months. It only lead to an inferior healing area that had to be restructured in the end. All is well, and so will it be with you. I know it’s hard to believe our body won’t make it right, and where are the stem cell people when we need them, etc. however the Universe makes it all right, and happy healing to you my dear! Physical therapy may make you cry, but that’ won’t last either! Love, C J

  40. Tamara Sweger

    Hi Dr Ritamarie ~ I thought about you all week, and sent the proper vibes your way, but this was the first chance I had to write my best wishes. All the suggestions left by your friends here are excellent. I am very intrigued by the tip about Network Chiropractic in Costa Mesa. I will be looking into that a little deeper for my own curiosity. I agree with everyone here that you have the strength, positive attitude and vibrant health base to assist with this healing regardless of the course that you have taken. Setting bones is the number one function that conventional medicos are for, in my opinion. Please keep up the Heart Math and don’t sacrifice your “me time” because we will all be fine with the materials you have provided.

  41. Danielle

    Ritamarie, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know that only the best will come to you. You are a strong woman with fantastic judgement and I know you are choosing to do exactly what you need to do to get well. I wish you all the best! Love, Danielle



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