My Personal Healing Story (Part 2)

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A woman with a functional health brace in front of a pool.

photoIt's been an unusual week for me! I thought I give you a little update.  I shared with you more detail about what happened to my arm in Part 1. I was so overwhelmed with appreciation for the many well-wishes. I know it has made all the difference in my healing!

I had to have surgery on my arm on Monday for a trauma that happened in August on a ski boat during my vacation with family.  The result was a bad fracture with a dislocated bone. Part of the humerus broke off and got reattached in the wrong place.

Good news is, everything seemed to go well. I surprised the doctors and made it through the surgery with no anesthesia and refused their antibiotics. I was awake the whole time, chatting away with the anesthesiologist who had nothing to do, since I didn't have anesthesia. All in all, it went well.

I tried really hard to forgo all pain medication and did lots and lots of herbs and vitamin C, but finally at about 1:30 pm on Tuesday I broke down and took an Ibuprofen.

As I mentioned to my GREEN Cleanse members, I haven't taken so much as an Aspirin in over 30 years.

Ibuprofen was still a better choice than the narcotics that they wanted me to take (which they specifically said would give me nausea and constipation and which would have made me spaced out, loopy, and unable to focus). So the choice between narcotics and excruciating pain was not a good one.

photo copyI opted for Ibuprofen and it took the edge off enough for me to be able to sleep (an essential part of natural recovery). I didn't sleep at all Monday night after my surgery, so I was tired.

I'm feeling much better now that there's just a low level of pain.

I saw the doctor today (Friday) and I got splint taken off.  The stitches will come off in a week. I can shower now too–yay!  I will be in the “space-age” looking brace in the above picture for 6 weeks and can't lift anything heavier than cell phone or glass of water during that entire time. And I'll be doing lots of doctor prescribed physical therapy to get it moving again. All in all, the prognosis for healing is a good one.

On Wednesday, I did two teleseminars. I do apologize to those of you who were part of the Tuesday call that we had to cancel, but there was no way I could make it in the state I was in.

We had a wonderful G.R.E.E.N. Cleanse call Wednesday night with over 800 people who signed up to come. If you missed it, we made an incredible offer of 50% off the price for the next two days! There are an amazing number of bonuses, so I highly suggest you check out
GREEN Cleanse Program and get started.

The cleanse is starting next week, September 16th, and I am so looking forward to it so I can cleanse myself from the trauma and all the other things that have happened to my body through this whole ordeal.

It's going to be an awesome cleanse! There are some really wonderful people who have already joined it, and we are going to have a great time.

I hope you can join us!

Please, continue sending me healing energy! I really appreciate all the messages I've gotten so far. I'm reading them all and it's really helping me to get through this challenging time, so thank you!

Love, Health and Joy,



Comment and Share: Send me your wishes here! I appreciate all your suggestions and  sharing of your own personal stories!

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  1. Sara Z

    Hi Dr RM…

    Surgery with no anesthesia – don’t think I could do that. You are a VERY brave cookie.

    Thinking of you when I practice hearthmath – asking for support + strength for both of us 🙂

    and if that’s YOUR pool – I am one jealous girl right now. Lucky Lucky you 🙂

    Love Sara


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