New Raw and Living Foods Salad Dressings Book

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You may not think that salad is the most exciting thing in the world to eat. That's true if your idea of salad is some lettuce, tomato and cucumber tossed with oil and vinegar.

Chef Alicia Ojeda's hot off the press recipe book, is here to revolutionize the idea of salad. Her dressings taste amazing and they transform even the simplest salad into an extraordinary culinary experience.

In this easy to read e-book, Chef Alicia shares 20 of her most delicious and simple-to-make salad dressing recipes. In addition, she offers ideas that will turn your basic bed of greens into a gourmet meal, and all the best tips only a true classically trained chef can offer you.

Her book contains sprouting tips, charts, equipment recommendations and lots more. Chef Alicia has a knack for taking an ordinary salad and making it extraordinary. She credits this to the salad dressing and the little nuances you can add to take your basic bed of greens to a whole new level of flavor sensations.

All of this for the amazingly low investment of $14.97!

I've come across, and you can immediately begin to make the most delicious and nutritious salads imaginable.

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

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1 Comment

  1. Tom

    This looks like a great book: recipes for $0.75 each, plus tips and tricks. However, I did not make a purchase because the description was too limited. I’ve been burned before with raw food dressing recipes that included very few really raw ingredients. Instead, the recipes were predominantly oil, acid, and salt—not that different from any S.A.D. dressing.

    Provide more info: perhaps a table of contents, a same recipe, or a more detailed description of the type of ingredients. Then I could make a more informed decision.



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