Now you can learn to make Gluten free raw foods crispy treats without leaving home

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I know how tempting it is to eat crackers and muffins, pizza and breads.   Everyone else is doing it, and you feel just a bit deprived.  Or you feel completely deprived.  You know these foods are not having positive effects on your health, but you cave and say something like , “Well, just this once, it's not going to hurt me”

Well, I'm here to tell you that just this once CAN hurt you if you happen to be one of the over 30% of the population that has some degree of sensitivity to gluten.

I've been researching the gluten issue for a long time, and I'm convinced that gluten is at the core of many health issues, especially the ones that defy conventional treatment methods.

The studies I read concerning gluten as a contributing factor in autoimmune thyroiditis concluded that even a casual exposure to wheat, like a crouton that falls into your salad once a month, can create problems by flaring up inflammation.

Your body's response to gluten is a major cause of inflammation, and when the inflammation is chronic and persistent, damage to organs and glands occurs.  This damage is only corrected by removing the underlying cause.  You have to get rid of what ever is causing the inflammation.  In many cases, it's your body's reaction to gluten.

The good news is that you can get rid of the gluten and still enjoy crispy, crunchy crackers, pizza crusts and breads.  You just need one magical piece of equipment and lots of fresh food.

The great news is that you can incorporate vegetables into your comfort foods and jumpstart your metabolism at the same time.

And the absolutely fabulous news is that I'm teaming up with Chef Alicia Ojeda to teach an amazing class on food dehydration techniques  and you can participate no matter how far away you live.  You can learn to make delicious comfort foods, right from the comfort of your own home.

Hurry over to Dehydration Bliss and get all the details.

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