Nutritional Supplements: Do You Need them, or Can Your Nutrient Needs be Completely Supplied By Food?

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natural supplements - to use or not to useThat's one of the questions we get most frequently here at Fresh ‘n Fun Living headquarters.

In an ideal world, you'd able to meet all of your nutrient needs by simply eating a balanced diet. Stress, pre-existing imbalances and genetic variations can result in increased nutrient needs while depleted soils, modern agricultural techniques and food processing lead to foods with decreased nutrient density.

In this episode, we will talk about the most important nutrients your body needs, how to determine whether you're getting enough or too much, and what foods best supply these nutrients. We'll discuss how to determine if you need supplementation, and if so, what types of supplements best supply what's missing.

Do you have questions about vitamins and supplements? Email them to [email protected] before the
show and we will answer them live on the air.

DATE: Wednesday, April 28, 2010
TIME: 10:30am pdt, 11:30am MDT, 12:30pm CT, 1:30pm EDT

Listen Live:

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