Yummy Greens Recipes: Cleansing Food!

I have been doing a Green Cleanse this past week. It has been a great experience. 14 people joined me, and we had an email support group where we shared recipes, challenges and successes. I'll be organizing another one soon. For a description of a green cleanse and...Read More

Drink your Greens: Taste Balancing Tips

As many of you know, I just started doing a group green cleanse. There are about 15 of my students, clients and subscribers at http://drritamarie.com doing it together along with a couple of hundred from around the world. This involves a week of blending greens with...Read More
Green Breakfast Idea!

Green Breakfast Idea!

Lots of people ask me what they should eat for breakfast. Seems like all their favorite foods have fallen out of favor as healthy choices – bacon and eggs, toast, sugary dried cereals, even granola, due to its high sugar and fat content. So what's left? For the...Read More