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I’ve just returned from a 6,000- mile tour around the country to visit various grown kids and their families.  And you know what family visits means – lots of random photography!  Oh my … I am always a bit surprised (and sometimes a bit distressed, too) to see pictures of that girl with the grandmother face looking back at me.  Exactly when did gravity become my nemesis?!

But then I  chuckle to think of the alternative – photos taken of me ONLY when my makeup is on, my ‘best’ side is showing, the lighting is right and I am posed in an unnatural way that has nothing to do with the way humans normally move and hold their bodies.

People in magazines look good for a reason, folks…

My daughter took a candid shot of me embracing my new granddaughter, Etta.  Etta was precious, naturally, but I didn’t find the photo particular flattering of Momma Jane.  That is, not until my tearful daughter pointed out how perfectly it captured the unconditional love, devotion and comfort I provide to all those I love.  Did I look older than I would prefer?  Sure.  But my daughter was right – I have amazing qualities to share, and when I am most connected with that reality they shine through beautifully and I am glorious.

How do you think people closest to you will remember you from this day?  Do you think it will be from some superficial measurement against unrealistic expectations, or will it be from your unique qualities, shared generously like a refreshing mountain brook?

Have a wonder-filled day!


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  1. Sheralee

    Jane I LOVE your photo! I remember when i first signed in to the talk you gave with Dr Ritamarie and I thought your face looked so luminous and gorgeous. I just wanted to hug you right away and I could tell from your picture you give me a hug straight back! I get how hard it is to accept our `qualities’ as good enough in comparison to our appearance BUT that is the gift we get to learn I think with wisdom comes acceptance for who we really are. Still trying to convince myself of this!!!


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