Playtime – Living Life to the Fullest

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Obesity, stress, depression and lack of physical health are at an all-time high in our society.  These are symptoms of the root cause of decreased physical activity, play and pleasure in life.

Dr. Ritamarie talks often about nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplements, etc. Today she is bringing in a new component to the health equation: Play.

Author, Brenda Loube, brings to the forefront the opportunities to live life with improved success, health and happiness by establishing and maintaining a lifelong commitment to play.  Her fundamental premise is that by doing what comes naturally, playing with others, you indirectly empower yourself to engage in those things you most desire. It is not about being disciplined, it is about giving you permission to live life to its fullest.

Join Dr. Ritamarie and Brenda and find out why it's so important to give yourself permission to play.

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