Practitioner Corner: Iodine – The Overlooked Nutrient

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I've been ampoule with iodinereading a book called “The Iodine Crisis”, by Lynne Farrow and it's very informative.  I know that there is currently a lot of fear and misinformation floating around.

At the RestorativeMedicine Conference, which I attended the first weekend of October, there was a session about iodophobia taught by Dr. David Brownstein, author of  “Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It”.  I missed the session because there was another one at the same time with Dr.  Jonathan Wright that I also wanted to hear.  I ordered the recordings so I will be able to catch Dr. Brownstein on the replay.

Last year there was a talk about iodophobia as well, taught by a different doctor.

There is fear afloat about using iodine in Hashimoto`s patients.  In reality iodine is an essential element, one in short supply in our lands.

There are many people walking around with iodine deficiency.

I have been doing a lot of iodine load tests recently.  To learn more about this test and order on for your clients, contact: Hakala Labs

If the client is willing to spring for an extra $80, order the halides load test, and see what’s happening with the competing elements: chlorine, bromine and fluoride.

Last but not least, check out a resource recommended in”The Iodine Crisis” book for information about iodine.:

Iodine is too important a nutrient to overlook.


With love and appreciation,


Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo


What additional questions or comments do you have regarding iodine? Comment below!

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  1. Raederle

    Hi Dr. Ritamarie,

    What iodine do you recommend taking? A friend of mine healed her eyesight and many other things with “Lugol’s 5%” and so I bought that and have been using it. I notice that it has stopped me from being chronically cold all the time, which is great! But many of the other changes I was hoping for and expecting based on research and testimonials have not happened. I am very interested to know more about different iodine carriers and dilutions and and sources. It is clear to me that seaweed doesn’t cut it, as both my friend and I have PLENTY of seaweed prior to supplementation, and yet the supplementation had dramatic effect for us both.

    ~ Raederle


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