Practitioner Corner: Teaching Your Clients the Art of Healthy Food Preparation

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One of the best ways to get results with your clients is to teach them how to stock their kitchen and make healthy foods.  There are a number of ways you can do this.   I’ve done them all, and they all work.  Start with whatever resonates best with you then add another.



1. Share Recipes –  you can offer them recipes – on a blog, in a newsletter or by creating e-books.  I’m sure you have some favorites.  It’s so helpful as our patients and clients begin to make healthy food changes to have recipes that someone they trust has created and made.  It takes the guess work out of which book to buy and wether they can trust the author.  It’s super easy to start a blog if you don’t have one and send your clients there for your recipes.  Go to and set one up.

You can also create a little packet of recipes tat you include with your coaching sessions and when you have enough recipes (just a couple of dozen is plenty)  you can create an e-book and sell it.  My very first e-book was  a Thanksgiving Book, and is still being sold.  It contains about a dozen recipes and a complete Thanksgiving meal plan.

2.  Create videos.  Have someone film you in the kitchen making favorite recipes.  You can post them on your blog or youtube.  It’s easy to create your own youtube channel.  Just go to for specific instructions. This is even better than just printed recipes because they can see you, see how to make the food and become comfortable with you as a teacher and coach.

3. Teach  classes.  I remember how nervous I was the first time I taught a class.  I invited a bunch of my closest friends and asked them to invite others.  About 8 people showed up.  I didn’t charge, just asked for donations to cover he cost of food.  I created recipes , gave out samples and gave them the recipes.  It was a big hit.  With confidentce, I then scheduled 4 lasses on topics they told me they wanted to hear, and I sent an email to everyone I knew – patients, friends, parents of my kids' friends..  This time 12 people showed up and they paid $25 each.  Success.

From there it grew and grew.  People said how much they appreciated actually seeing the foods created that I’d been telling them about for years.  Most of the classes I taught featured raw foods.  I did try a gluten free baking class once, but I didn’t enjoy the waiting and all that cooking required.

You can choose to teach whatever you feel will most benefit your clients and attract new ones.  My dear friend Nomi Shannon is teaching an online class that I wish was available before I started teaching classes.  It would have saved me from many mistakes and lots of time figuring it out the hard way.  It starts Nov 5.  You can still signup here:

Raw Food Teacher Certification Program

Nomi has been teaching raw food classes for over 2 decades so she knows a thing or two.  If you are interested in getting started with classes, please check out her class.


With love and appreciation,


Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo


What additional tips you have on how you can best inspire or help your clients to start eating healthy? Comment below!

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