Radio Show: How to Eat for Optimal Health, Energy, and Longevity

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doctorritamarie-d75e7af8-d552-4491-888c-86ba46d66ed5-v2Host and Guest Speaker:                                  Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

In this show you'll learn:

How to evaluate many of the current diet fads and trends.

  •  Strategies to determine what foods will be best for YOUR health, energy, and longevity.
  • How a healthy diet can affect some of our most common medical conditions.

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There are many doctors and nutrition “experts” that say the vegan lifestyle is not healthy, and that the “paleo” diet is the way to go. So who is right?  IS food religion valuable or a hindrance?  how can you determine what's right for YOU???

Join Dr. Ritamarie she discusses how diet plays a role in preventing, arresting, and even reversing chronic and debilitating disease and gives you the energy to fully enjoy your life. What diet is right for you?  Listen in and decide for yourself.


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  1. Linda

    Dr. Greger is totally worth the wait!

    Question for Dr. Greger: I have heard Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn say that evidence from the brachial artery tourniquet test indicates that green smoothies are not health promoting. I have not heard any other respected health practitioner in the vegan movement make this claim. I am wondering what your research shows; have you seen the study to which Dr. Esselstyn refers? Green smoothie promoters say that the amount of greens you can blend and drink is far greater than one can chew and eat in whole form in one meal, giving smoothies the nutrient edge. Do you think green smoothies are health promoting, or are they too processed?

    Thanks, Dr. Ritamarie and Dr. Greger!

  2. Mcooks

    My biggest concern lately has been with getting a good Omega 3:6 ratio. I eat 3-4 tsps of ground flax every day, a little tunafish every week, and only use Canola or Oliva oil. I do eat fried things once in a while, which are made with bad ratios of 3:6. Is there anything else that I can do naturally to protect my brain health?

  3. Andrea

    How do you know if you are healthy? If you have lots of energy, skin clear and smooth, love life, and don’t get sick, is there anyway to know if there is some silent health issue that you are unaware of?

  4. Katrina

    What are your thoughts on food combining, specifically as it pertains to fat and fruit together? My concern is that the combination would prolong the clearance of sugars in the blood.

  5. Katrina

    On your website, you have posted a video of a smoothie that contains both soy milk and blueberries. A couple of your videos have explored how dairy proteins can block phytonutrient absorption of both tea and strawberries and how even soy milk can block absorption of tea phytochemicals. Has there been comparable literature published regarding the effects of soy or nut milks of fruit/berry goodness?

  6. Katrina

    What are your observations, if any, on the practice of seed cycling for hormonal balance? (14 days of flax, pumpkin seeds, and Omega 3 oil, 14 days of sesame, sunflower seeds, and borage oil)

  7. Katrina

    PS, I have been very impressed with and appreciative of your site and knowledge.

  8. Sara

    If one has a tree-nut allergy, are there any good vegan sources of vitamin E besides avocados?

  9. Sara

    In the raw food world, it is recommended to soak seeds and nuts purportedly to help remove phytates and enzyme inhibitors. Several of your videos discuss the benefits of phytates, so is this not recommended?


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