Radio Show: How You Can Remotely Heal Your Allergies

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Host and Guest Speaker:

Host and Guest Speaker:   
Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo interviews
Jill Cohn, DC

In this show you'll learn:

  • How the immune system reacts habitually to substances and circumstances and can be retrained
  • Why treating or suppressing symptoms rather than immune response is a much longer road to health
  • Cross-Reactivity and how triggers may be difficult to identify – IGG vs IGE

Listen to the replay:

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The number of people who suffer from allergies is on the increase. In many countries, the number of allergy sufferers has grown by 25 percent or more.

Allergic reactions vary from one person to another. One person allergic to soy may develop a rash. Another person allergic to the same substance may develop irritable bowel syndrome.

Immunity is affected by your hormones and nerves. Sometimes the food you eat and the stress you go through can trigger many allergic reactions. The most common causes of these are pollen, cat or dog dander, milk, eggs, and dust. Bacteria or fungi can also cause allergies if they travel from your skin or intestines to other parts of your body.

Join Dr. Ritamarie and Dr. Jill Cohn as they discuss why there is no reason to suffer any longer from your allergies.  There is a  concept of re-training the body’s reaction to benign substances that addresses how the mind affects our physical condition.

Dr.-Jill-CohnDr. Jill became a Doctor of Chiropractic 20 years ago after having a home birth at age 42.  This inspired her to know that she could do anything. She’s been a student of holistic health methods for more than 40 years, including a year of homeopathy school.

Dr. Jill decided to specialize exclusively in retraining immune response in order to eliminate allergy symptoms in 2010.  At that time, a friend said he’d eliminated his peanut allergy.  She didn’t believe him, but this lead her to research all the available methods of holistic allergy elimination.

Using careful tracking and studying her patients, Dr. Jill has created an exclusive protocol based on obtaining the best results for her patients.  Since beginning the remote treatments in 2013, she has been able to surpass the results she previously created in her office.

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Check out Dr. Ritamarie's VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that food plays in your health, and strategies for planning your meals so that you can live your life full of energy and vitality.

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