Radio Show: Thyroid Toxicity Connection: Heal Your Thyroid By Cleansing from the Inside Out

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thyroid pituitary hypothalamus axis Depositphotos_13380744_xs (2)Listen to or download the replay:

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In this show you'll learn:

  • How your body's exposure to environmental and dietary toxins impacts the functioning of your organs and glands
  • Why your thyroid gland is extremely sensitive to toxic overload and what toxins affect it most
  • How to know if your thyroid has been impacted (what are the signs and symptoms you will notice)
  • How to relieve the toxic burden on your thyroid (and the rest of your body too) and skyrocket your energy and drop a few pounds practically overnight

Enjoy The Replay:

  1. Listen to or download the replay:

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  3. Directly on Blogtalk Radio: The episode link is: Vibrant Health Solutions Radio


It took me by surprise many years ago to discover that the root cause of just about every disease known to mankind can be linked back to toxic overload.

And it was a delight to discover that when I cleansed and detoxified my body, all of the symptoms that had been plaguing me for years (and doctors had told me I would have to live with or medicate with powerful drugs) disappeared within a month!!!

Your thyroid gland controls metabolic rate and dysfunction affects EVERY part of your body. The list of symptoms related to thyroid dysfunction is LONG! Your thyroid among the body parts most susceptible to environmental toxins.

Join me, Dr. Ritamarie, and learn how and why your thyroid is impacted by everyday toxins and, more importantly , what you can do to take back control of your health!

Listen in and have your notepad ready as Dr. Ritamarie reveals the secrets to a optimal weight and boundless energy (and a happy thyroid!!) Don't miss it!

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