Raw and Living Foods For Optimal Health: Meeting of the minds at Raw Spirit Fest

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As I write these words, I'm sitting in “food court” area at Raw Spirit Fest getting ready to make my departure.  The “food court” is a dream come true.  My vision is for each and every mall in America to have such a food court, filled with delicious foods that enhance health rather than detract from it as typical food court fare does.

It's been an inspiring and fun weekend.

I've met some amazing souls…united with a common mission.

Everyone who came together here is dedicated to improving their own health, the health and the planet an the health of all with whom they come in contact.

We hear of health practitioners referred to as healers.  When you
refer to another as a healer, you are giving over your power to that person, when, in fact, the true healer is inside you.

There are all sorts of opinions, opinions stated as fact and myths related to healing and wellness.   The truth is that health comes from healthy living.  What does healthy living consist of?  There in often lies the confusion.  I contest that it is easier than you think.

At the festival, practitioners and teachers from many disciplines came together with “ordinary people” to discuss their approach, beliefs and practices.

It would be easy to become confused.  Some touted the amazing health benefits of raw chocolate.  Others proclaimed it a health hazard.  Fruit is good for you. Fruit promotes cancer. Fermented foods are full of health benefits.  Fermented foods are rotting decay.  Who do you believe?  What do you believe?

As I said above, true health follows as a result of healthful living.

I'll be starting a series of articles on my blog to discuss the controversy about what constitutes healthy living.  I'll lend not yet another opinion (mine) but a way for you to sort through it all and make the decisions that are best for you in each and every moment.

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Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

P.S. Please comment below .  Tell me one thing you do EVERY day to promote your health.  Thanks

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  1. Vicki

    Would love to have this in our local mall.. delicious foods that enhance health sounds very good. What a difference it could make if people make better choices. Think how the overweight/obesity rates would be affected in addition to building good health.

  2. Tracey Tarrant

    I am looking forward to your posts. As someone very new to raw foods and healthy living it is so confusing to figure out what I should and shouldn’t eat.

    Thank you for providing the tools to clear up the confusion and help me to figure out what to eat.


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